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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Global Warming Solved!

Those who believe in global warming must be really delighted that world leaders have manged to save the planet, in the climate change deal reached this weekend in Paris.


In the unlikely event that mankind (as opposed to nature/solar activity etc) has a major hand in climatic changes (eg warming or freezing) do people really think that countries such as China, India, USA etc are going to cut back on their emissions and stick to the agreement?

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1 comment:

  1. Expat in Canada4:16 PM

    Sadly out here in the colonies we have a new Prime Minister and his Minister for Climate Change (really!), encouraged by all the depressingly lefty Provincial governments. They are proclaiming that they will aggressively deal with this horror of Global Warming. Canada is supposed to be a frozen wasteland and they are hell-bent on making it so. The CBC and the like are practically having orgasms while reporting this "wonderful" news.

    I seriously fear for our economy, which is so heavily dependant on the oil industry. The Canadian $ has dropped about 25% from a short while ago and it is only going to drop further while these imbeciles go about shutting down our primary source of income.

    Until recently, I considered moving to somewhere like Calgary, since Ontario has gone quite mad. However Alberta just voted in an even more left-wing, anti oil, anti industry government with a healthy majority.

    I think this country has taken leave of its senses.