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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Brighton Council's Plans To Ban Beach Smoking Thwarted

Loyal readers may recall that back in October I wrote about Brighton and Hove council's smoking survey, which tried to persuade everyone to ask for smoking to be banned on Brighton beach etc.

At the time, because of so many responses, the council said it would put back the discussion until 2016.

Well it appears they have decided not to keep it under wraps anymore, and will discuss it next week.

The result?

As per Pages 105-124:
"There is no majority support from smokers and non-smokers, residents or visitors, for smoke free beaches or parks."
It seems that:
"Opposition to extending smoke free outdoor spaces falls mainly in to three camps, the perception that, there is no evidence that second hand smoke is harmful, the perception, of negative effects on the local economy and human rights/big brother/Nanny State."
Suffice to say, Nanny hates it when she is overruled. Whilst she will probably drop her plans to ban beach smoking, she still wants to have other areas ban it.

As per Brighton and Hove News:
"The council encourages primary schools to implement a voluntary ban at their entrances, and continue its voluntary ban on smoking in playgrounds and at the entrances to children’s centres.

It also recommends the council work with restaurants and pubs to encourage smoke-free outdoor areas on a voluntary basis."
We must be forever vigilant in the ongoing war against the Nanny state!

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