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Friday, December 11, 2015

Goodbye Sovereignty - All Hail The EU's New Border Force!

The FT reports that the European Commission will unveil plans next week to replace the Frontex border agency with a permanent border force and coastguard, this force will be deployed with the final say of the commission.
The commission will be handed the power to authorise a deployment to a frontier, on the recommendation of the management board of the newly formed European Border and Coast Guard. This would also apply to non-EU members of Schengen, such as Norway. Although member states would be consulted, they would not have the power to veto a deployment unilaterally.

If the plan is approved by EU states, Frontex’s replacement will have a slew of new powers, including the ability to hire and control its own border guards and buy its own equipment. It will also be allowed to operate in non-EU countries (such as Serbia and Macedonia, which have become transit countries for people trying to reach northern Europe) if requested.

We will all become vassal states of the commission!

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1 comment:

  1. Lord of Atlantis2:21 PM

    The sooner we leave the E.U the better! But by what right can such a force operate outside national boundaries, especially non E.U countries, without the consent of the lawful government of such countries? Is it just me, but I haven't heard our illustrious prime minister mention this matter?