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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nanny Bans Tig

In an attempt to reduce the risk of accidents and upsets in the school playground, Nanny's chums from Christ the King school, in Bramley, Leeds, have banned "Tig" (aka tag) from being played in the playground.

It seems that on certain occasions, children's "clothes were torn" and pupils were left "upset".

The school said the temporary measure, which started in January, was to allow pupils time to "settle down a bit".

According to the BBC, the school has a "Five Rules" policy, which includes "keep hands to self".

Neil Ryan, head teacher at Christ the King, said:
"While we are always keen to see our pupils enjoying games at break times, we've had a few instances recently of children being upset and having clothes torn during games of tig. 

As a temporary measure, and to allow the children some time to settle down a bit, we have decided to ask pupils not to play tig in our small playground for now. 

The space is quite small, which we believe contributed to some of the issues which have happened, but once the weather improves and the larger school field is available to use, the children will be able to play tig again."
I can see his point, and that the school has only placed a temporary ban on it..

However, to my view, children will best learn how to deal with minor accidents and conflict resolution if they are allowed to play games such as this rather than be banned from playing them.

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1 comment:

  1. Tonk.8:48 AM

    I suppose that means the new " 'elf'n'safety" approved Rugby must be out too given that it is tag rugby.

    I am glad I am not a kid in Nanny's world....I used to enjoy rugby, British Bulldog, murder ball but then again, I am a normal male not a feminised modern new male.

    Is it any wonder the use of anti depressants amongst teens has increased? It must be so depressing to be a kid or teen today.