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Monday, March 07, 2016

Nanny Still Hates Salt

Those of you with very long memories may recall that my first ever article on this site (published on 18th September 2004) was about Nanny's hatred of salt.

Well here we are, some twelve years on and 3,760 articles later, and Nanny is still whining about how much salt we are eating.

Our old chums from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) claim that there has been a "shocking" rise in the salt content of food and seemingly healthy soups contain more than a portion of takeaway pizza.

Seemingly products such as tinned tomato soup, cheddar cheese and chilled ready meals are among the worst offenders for increasing salt in recent years.

Who would have thought that cheese and soup contained salt?
According to The Telegraph, the saltiest soup tested was Baxters vegetarian Italian tomato and basil, with 3.5g salt per 400g can. This contains more salt than a McDonald's Big Mac and large fries (just over 3.1g), the research found.


Folks, you all know my solution, simply add sugar and voila the problem is solved!

What I have never understood is why a group of people take it upon themselves to set up an organisation that seeks to dictate to everyone else what they should/should not eat?

Why does it matter to these people what we eat?

What business is it of theirs?

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    What you eat undoubtedly contributes to your wellbeing and even if I do not like being told what to eat by a pressure group, I think it is important that we are made aware that supermarkets are selling us shit.

    Supermarkets simply do not care that their foods contain a ridiculous amount of salt, sugar and other crap; they just want to sell the cheapest rubbish at the highest price that they can get away with.

    There cannot be an easier meal to prepare from scratch than a vegetable soup and nobody in their right minds would add 3.5g of salt per portion.
    This amount of salt is added by the food manufacturers because they are using low quality ingredients. Without so much salt there would be little taste.

    Supermarkets should take the responsibility and refuse to stock goods that contain a disproportionate amount of salt and sugar.