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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Nanny's Sugar Tax Farce

The Taxpayers' Alliance (TPA) has done a wee bit of research into the sugar content of certain popular drinks, and exposed how farcical Nanny's sugar tax will be.

The TPA found that Coca-Cola, with 10.6 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres, will be subject to the tax, but a Starbucks signature hot chocolate with whipped cream with coconut milk, which has 11 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres, will not.

Energy drinks such as Monster Origin, 11g/100ml, will be taxed, but Tesco chocolate flavoured milk, 12.4g/100ml, will not be taxed.

In fact the 10 most sugary drinks analysed by the TPA will not be subject to the levy.

Farcical or what?

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  1. This so called tax has nothing to do with health. It is about raising cash for Nanny to waste by throwing it at her crazy schemes.
    In this country, we need a grown up debate about just what we want the state to do for us and what we don't want the state to do. What's the chance of it happening? Zero!

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    People often talk about 100ml as being a standard measure, but when cooking a 'cup' is generally regarded as 250ml.

    So 100ml is fuck all, less than half a cupful. About 7 table spoons in fact.

    How on Earth can anyone put over half an ounce of sugar in such a small amount of liquid?

  3. Lord of Atlantis2:08 PM

    This is what happens when politicians and "experts" try to take care of our health: Living in ivory towers they haven't a clue about living in the real world!