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Monday, June 06, 2016

Warm For The Time of Year!

I am hugely gemused to see that Nanny is so concerned about the fact that Britain will become a "warm" country, that she is formally advising homeowners to paint their property white to protect themselves from heatwaves.

Seemingly Nanny is of the view that we will start to drop dead when the temperature hits 24.5C.


How the hell have people who live in warmer parts of the world managed to survive then?

Not content with telling us to paint our houses white, Nanny also wants us to remove dark curtains and to install external shielding.

Individuals can stay safe by putting a damp cloth on the back of their necks during hot weather, eating cold foods such as salads and fruit, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

All of this bollocks, and more besides, comes in a 46 page document Heatwave Plan for England published the other week by the NHS and the idiots in Public Health England.

Chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies is quoted by the Telegraph:
"As a result of climate change we are increasingly likely to experience extreme summer temperatures that may be harmful to health.”
Dr Angie Bone, head of extreme events at PHE’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, said:
While hot weather is enjoyable for most people and uncomfortable for some, sadly experience tells us that exposure to excessive heat can kill, with most cases of illness and death caused by heart and lung disease.

Because we are not used to these very hot temperatures in England, it is important that local plans are in place to reduce the impact of harm from very hot weather."
I will only believe it when I see a British summer where the temperature exceeds 35 degrees for 30 consecutive days!

In fact I am old enough to remember the drought of 1976, people didn't go around panicking then and as far as I recall thousands were not dropping dead in the street on a daily basis.

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  1. Global warming? Bring it on. All I seem to see in the UK is weather regardless of climate. I am all for a bit of actual warming in the UK. My solution to getting rather warm in summer is copious amounts of cold but decent lager. I am sure the neoprohibitionists in public health will be aghast.

  2. It's amazing the shite people come out with when they're doing it with taxpayers money.

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Here in Bulgaria we are currently enjoying about 30 degs C. In August is normally gets up to anywhere between 36-40 degs. While, frankly, I find 36 a bit uncomfortable, I don't think the mortality rate of the country suddenly goes up in the Summer.

    Richmond Mathewson