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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Brighton University Sugar Tax

I see that Brighton, once again, hits the headlines for being "ahead of the curve" for Nannying.

Nanny's chums at Brighton University have decided that sugar is evil, as such a 10p levy on sugary drinks sold by university outlets is being imposed.

Suffice to say the levy at the University of Brighton won the backing of Saint Jamie of Oliver, as well as the students’ union’s own officers.

However, the students themselves are less than impressed.

Jeremy Gale (Brighton Students Against Sugar Tax) is quoted by the Telegraph:
"A regressive and punitive levy that will hurt the poorest students the most.

The University’s income has flourished despite a reduction in grants and a reliance on student fees. Why, then, doesn’t the University re-invest a small percentage of their bulging surplus into food education and healthy eating initiatives, rather than relying on a regressive and punitive levy that will hurt the poorest students the most?"
The University of Brighton is having none of it:
"Public Health England advise that we should all cut down on the consumption of sugary drinks, which offer little or no nutritional benefit. The Government has decided to implement a sugar tax from 2018.

Our 'Sugar Smart' campaign forms part of a broader programme to promote healthy eating and lifestyles amongst our students. This includes adding additional low and no-sugar products to the existing range that we make available and providing cooking and nutrition advice and education. Students will still have a choice over what they consume.

All of the money raised via the levy will be reinvested alongside other resources in the wider healthy eating programme. Discussions on this have been going on for over eight months. We have had positive feedback from students, the Students' Union and staff who are keen to work with us on the campaign."
A waste of time, as students will simply buy their sugared fizzy water from non university outlets!

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I would have thought that the more sensible thing to do would be to simply not stock any of the offending products.

    There are plenty of healthier alternatives.

  2. Adrian7:44 PM

    Except you can't make more money that way, kerrrching.