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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Judge Gives As Good As She Gets

Kudos to Judge Patricia Lynch QC, who gave as good as she got to John Hennigan in Chelmsford Crown Cort on Wednesday.

Hennigan was being sentenced for breaching an Asbo by using racist language towards a Caribbean woman and her two young children when he said she was a "bit of a c---".

The Telegraph reports that Judge Lynch replied:
"You are a bit of a c--- yourself."
When Hennigan shouted back: "Go f--- yourself", the judge replied: "You too."

Hennigan reportedly shouted "Sieg Heil" and banged the glass panel of the dock as he was jailed for 18 months.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis1:33 PM

    This mornings news referred to this incident and, apparently, there are calls being made for action to be taken .... against the judge!

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Personally, I would expect a little more inventiveness from judges if they are going to respond to insults.

    I think that they should work on their ‘Yo Momma’ retorts.

    Defendant: “I think that you are a bit of a cunt”.

    Judge Patricia Lynch QC: “ Yeah, well yo momma stinks so much that even dogs won’t sniff her fat arse”.

    It would liven up court proceedings no end.