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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Dangers of Grass

Oh dear, I see that the health and safety brigade have donned their jackboots again.

This time the "safety" issue relates to a grass verge, and the "risk" that postmen might slip on it.

Thus it has come to pass that the Royal Mail has stopped postmen delivering letters to a row of houses in Torfaen because walking on a grass verge has been deemed "too dangerous".

The health and safety ban came about after one postman complained about Severn View, Pontypool, on his round.

Bosses agreed a short stretch of grass between car tracks and residents' front doors was unsafe so the 10 homes need to collect mail from a Post Office.

Royal Mail said it would carry out a further "safety assessment".

Resident Richard Osborne, is quoted by the BBC:
"We still get all of our junk mail through the letterbox but anything important like the deeds to my house, are sitting in the Post Office, it's unbelievable.

They even refuse to put slips through your door for parcels that are too big and need collecting - how will you know that if they don't put the slip through the door?"
A daft safety measure by anyone's standards!

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  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    In fairness, this probably isn’t the fault of the postal service.

    Once the ‘danger’ had been pointed out to them, if they had insisted that the postman kept delivering to these households it would have been inevitable that he would have slipped, damaged his back and been unable to work.

    It is that easy to claim compensation.

    Then they would have had yet another employee receiving a pay-out and sitting around all day watching Judge Judy whilst enjoying full pay.

  2. Issue them clip-on cleats they can use whilst delivering to these treacherous locations.

  3. Lord of Atlantis6:02 PM

    This is absolutely pathetic! What are we, a nation of wusses? In any case, there must be far less risk of injury walking on grass than on pavements and roads full of potholes? Surely, if it is too dangerous to deliver "normal" mail, there is an equal risk in delivering junk mail?

  4. Tonk.7:13 PM

    This kind of story makes me smile......Whilst I accept what Anon at the top says, I do worry about the mentality of those employed as postmen.....My male pride would not let me accept this daft ruling; if a spotty, young manager or 'Elf'n'Safety officer told me that it was far too dangerous for me to walk on a few yards of grass, I would get really offended by that and would ask how they thought I have managed to survive as long as I have!

    I remember when our local post office stopped delivering mail during a period of bad weather a few years ago and our council stopped their bin men from working too because these "big grown men in hobnail boots" might slip on the ice however, our newspaper was delivered as per usual, on time and by a young school girl in a pair of trainers.......Where is the pride in these so called adult men?