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Friday, November 18, 2016

Nanny's Greed Costs Her £32BN

Oh dear it seems that Nanny' sin taxes (taxes on booze and fags), instead of raising revenue, have cost the Treasury £32billion.


Excess taxes create illicit markets.

The Taxpayers' Alliance are quoted by the Telegraph:
HMRC has clearly been unsuccessful at claiming these duties for some time and... it needs to take decisive action.
The “tax gap” would be enough to fund a 1.5p cut in the basic rate of Income Tax, according to the TA report.
HMRC has clearly been unsuccessful at claiming these duties for some time and therefore it needs to take decisive action, not introduce policies that make it worse. It is unfair that higher taxes for ordinary families are often used to make up the shortfall.
The loss of £31.8 billion in revenue over a five year period could have funded a 1.5p cut in the basic rate of Income Tax. Not only would this have helped millions of ordinary families, but it would also have had a big impact on the jobs market, which is particularly important at this time.
John O'Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:
"Our ludicrously complicated, punitive tax system not only hits hard-pressed families with crippling bills but also affects frontline services by depriving Treasury of revenue lost to the black market, all the while lining the pockets of those peddling dodgy tobacco, alcohol and diesel.

The revenue lost to the illicit trade could fund a modest but much needed tax cut for millions of families while preventing smugglers from profiting because of deeply regressive 'sin taxes' which hit the poorest hardest.

It is high time the Government offered struggling taxpayers a better deal instead of kowtowing to the self-appointed lifestyle police who remain oblivious to the cost of ever-rising duties on ordinary taxpayers."
Well said sir!

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  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    The loss of £31.8 billion is pure speculation. If the trade is illicit then nobody has any idea how much money is lost.

    And why do they refer to that amount as lost?
    To lose something one would have to acquire it in the first place.

    If a demand exists for anything, there will always be a black market to supply it, and with the ludicrous amount of tax levied on tobacco, alcohol and fuel, I wish them the very best of luck.

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Dear Mr Frost

    " ...could have funded a 1.5p cut in the basic rate of Income Tax."

    But wouldn't have, would it?

    If our beloved government gained another £32,000 million of taxpayers' money, they'd just squander it all on pet projects, less their 'commission' of course.