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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Prats of The Week - Veolia

It seems to me that at times, Nanny is completely bonkers.

How else can this sorry tale of stupidity be explained?

Dave Clark, Rob Jefford and Alex Steven have been sacked from the bin collecting jobs in Chatham for helping an elderly man clear bags of rubble from him garden. They were fired for gross misconduct after trying to go above and beyond the call of duty for residents.

They were in fact fired on the same day (7 November) that their employer Veolia published a newsletter containing a note from a resident praising their work.

How did this come to pass?

One resident (clearly with nothing better to do with his/her life) complained after the guys helped clear the rubble. Veolia reviewed footage taken from a dust cart camera, which is fitted on all vehicles, showing the crew, who operated in Chatham, Kent, collecting extra items of waste including bags of rubble.

A spokesman for Veolia told the Mirror they could not comment because the matter is part of an ongoing internal investigation.

Veolia, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. What worries me most, is how is it that so many people of not note or apparent literacy get elected onto councils. We have to our cost, a limp-dim council and dim they most certainly are. They hate the motor car, unless it is theirs and they lie all the time.

    1. They also pay themselves (with public money) disproportionately high salaries, whilst paying peanuts to the guys that do the real jobs.

    2. Lord of Atlantis7:55 PM

      What is wrong with this country? Cameras on dustcarts to spy on their employees? As I've observed before, George Orwell's predictions in "1984" are coming to pass!

      At one time, doing a good deed would have resulted in a commendation or even a bonus for those concerned, not the sack!