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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Meat Free Mondays at The BBC

My sympathy to Auntie's staff in Salford who have been recently banned from eating meat in the staff canteen on Mondays.

The Mail recently reported that BBC employees are fuming after their staff canteen banned meat from its menu on Mondays - with workers accusing the corporation of 'forcing its agenda' on them.

An internal message revealed 'meat free Mondays' will be introduced at the BBC North staff restaurant in Quay House in MediaCity, Salford.

The intranet memo says the change has been introduced for environmental and health reasons.


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  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    This staff canteen must be subsidised. Nobody with the intention of running a profitable business would make a move like this. So the question must be asked………..

    Why are the licence fee payer’s having to subsidise the meals for BBC staff?

    Of course, the staff who are upset about this have a choice.

    They can walk out of the building and across the road or around the corner and pay the full price for their own food, like the rest of us have to.

    Or they can shut the fuck up.

  2. The staff could of course hoist the BBC with its own PC petard. All it would take would be for a few meat eaters to claim it was discriminatory, that their rights to enjoy a steak were being violated and it is against inclusivity policies and I'm sure a U-turn would follow.

  3. Expat in Canada6:55 PM

    Reminds of a few years ago when I was the Engineer in charge of the stage set-up for Paul McCartney in Winnipeg.
    Sir Paul is a crusading vegetarian, so he decreed that the food being served to the roadies and everyone else must be vegetarian.
    Needless to say, there were regular and frequent trips to the local burger joints to bring in some real food.
    The concert was good though.