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Friday, April 28, 2017

Nanny Bans Whooping

I appreciate that some students do not have the brains that they were allegedly gifted with. However, even this piece of student fuckwittery has surprised me.

The Telegraph reports that students who whoop, cheer and clap should face “consequences” because they are excluding deaf people, delegates at the National Union of Students conference said.

Audience members were repeatedly warned that they must cease whooping to express support for a speaker, because it has a “serious impact” on the accessibility of the conference.

Delegates at the NUS annual conference in Brighton were encouraged to use “jazz hands” instead of clapping - where students wave their hands in the air - as this is deemed a more inclusive form of expression.

Estelle Hart, an NUS elections committee member who was chairing a session on Thursday, told students: “No whooping, it does have a serious impact on some delegates ability to access conference.”

For good measure Shelly Asquith, the NUS vice president for welfare, returned to the theme, telling delegates: “We’ve had a number of requests that people stop whooping”.

The Durham University student union proposed a motion at the conference that would see clapping and whooping banned at all future NUS events.

Two points:

1 Surely talking/speaking also "excludes" deaf people. Shall we ban that as well?

2 Jazz hands cannot be seen by the visually impaired, that should be banned too.

God help us is this is the quality of the generation destined to takeover in the coming years!

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1 comment:

  1. Errrr! Jazz hands could be perceived as incredibly racist as it was popularised by Al Jolson, a white actor/singer who performed in black-face. Imagine an auditorium full doing that to a speaker from say an African country or the Caribbean.