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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Posh Crisps Cause Cancer

Seemingly posh crisps could cause cause cancer, a study by government-backed scientists has found, as they contain high levels of acrylamide, a known carcinogen.

The Telegraph reports that tests conducted by Fera Science on behalf of campaign group Changing Markets, found t he highest levels of the chemical were found in Tyrells "Sweet Potato Lightly Salted" crisps, which contained more than three times the recommended amount, according to European food standards.

According to EU benchmarks crisps should not contain more than 750 milligrams per kilogram of acrylamide. Despite this Tyrells "Sweet Potato Lightly Salted" crisps contain 2486 milligrams per kilogram.

The research also found Morrisons' "Cheese and Onion Popped Potato Snacks" and Aldi's premium brand "Passions Barbeque Flavour Popped Potato Chips" contained twice as much acrylamide than the recommended level.

Given we are leaving the EU, we can safely ignore their health warnings.

Failing that, if you are worried, simply resort to eating cheap crisps.

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