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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

UK Is The Second Worst Nanny State In The EU

The UK is the second worst nanny-state in the EU, according to research from the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Britain falls behind only Finland in rankings from the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The Nanny State Index, published by the IEA and the European Policy Information Centre, scores countries on regulation of private, lifestyle choices.

Using 32 criteria related to food, soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes, it identifies the best and worst countries to eat, drink, smoke and vape.

The UK’s high position is attributed to excessive regulation and “sin” taxes, including plans for a levy on sugar in soft drinks.

Other measures cited include the extension of a ban on junk food advertising and measures to cut branding on cigarette packaging.

The UK also maintains the highest taxes on cigarettes and wine in the EU and the second highest taxes on beer.

The UK has some particularly punitive sin taxes. It has more than twice as many nanny state ‘points’ as the best performing countries, Germany and the Czech Republic. It has the highest taxes on cigarettes and wine in the EU and the second highest taxes on beer. The UK has seen a rising tide of lifestyle regulations in recent years, including:

  • Its smoking ban, introduced in 2007, allows fewer exemptions than that of almost any other country;

  • In May 2016, the UK and France became the first European countries to ban branding on tobacco products (‘plain packaging’);

  • A ban on ‘junk food’ advertising to children was extended to digital media in December 2016;

  • A UK-wide tax on sugary drinks is expected to be implemented in 2018;

  • There is a ban on sugary drinks in Scottish hospitals and both the Scottish and Welsh governments support minimum pricing for alcohol;

  • The only sliver of liberalism comes in the UK’s approach to e-cigarettes. Although the Welsh Assembly has proposed banning vaping in many indoor public places, no legislation forbids e-cigarette use in the UK.
Germany and Slovakia retain their positions as the most liberal countries in the EU.

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