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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Holidays Are Bad For You

Nanny's chums from Liverpool University have conducted a study which, in their eyes, proves that taking a fortnight's holiday is bad for you.

Apparently two weeks of enjoying yourself not only piles on the pounds and farks up your liver, but also causes a loss of muscle mass.

As per The Sun:
"Researchers asked 28 fit, young adults to cut activity levels by 80 per cent, from 10,000 daily steps to just 1,500. By the end of 14 days, they had lost a third of a kilogram of lean muscle and their waistlines had grown 1cm.

And when they took up their old exercise regime, they did not get back in shape within a fortnight."

Now fair enough 14 days of over indulging and lounging about will no doubt add a few pounds, and temporarily give your liver an extra "workout". However, will you lose muscle mass?

As with everything else, despite Nanny's desire to compartmentalise us, there is no one size fits all answer.

As per Livestrong:
"In the most drastic scenario, you can lose up to 80 percent of your fitness level in as few as two weeks if you’re new to exercise. If you are incredibly fit and have been training for years, you’ll hang onto your fitness level for about three months, ACE Fitness says. 

If you start retraining after a lull, however, your muscles will remember where you left off and build up more rapidly than if you were just starting a new program. 

The detraining period actually strengthens muscle fibers, which means your retraining can lead to a higher fitness level that you might have been able to achieve had you not taken a break, Columbia University says."
In other words Nanny, as usual, is scaremongering.

For why?

She wants us to cut back on holidays and work more, so that she can take her cut of our salaries.

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  1. For why? She's prefer the minions be at work producing rather than having a good time. Besides, anything that is fun must be bad for us