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Friday, October 27, 2017

Scottish Nanny To Cap Portion Sizes

I am underwhelmed to read that Scottish Nanny is to stick her nose into the portions sizes served by restaurants, pubs and takeaways and set a limit.

As per the Telegraph:
"Supermarket price promotions on junk food are to be restricted and restaurant meal sizes could be capped under controversial plans unveiled by SNP ministers to tackle Scotland’s obesity epidemic.

A new Scottish Government diet and obesity strategy, published for consultation, said ministers are “minded” to clamp down on promotions on food that is high in fat, salt and sugar.

This could include a ban on multi-buy offers on products such as crisps and sweets, or shops temporarily discounting their price in order to increase sales.

Among the other controversial proposals are introducing portion limits on the size of takeaway, pub and restaurant meals. Food outlets would be forced to attach labels on menus and packaging disclosing how many calories their dishes contain."
Nanny can fark off, it is not her role to dictate how much or little we eat; neither is it her role to tell us we are fat!

The ‘state guardians’ assigned to each pre-school child under the SNP’s controversial Named Person scheme will “offer referrals to family healthy living and weight interventions” for those youngsters deemed to be too fat.
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  1. Indeed. When the SNP have no fat bastards serving in their Govt, only then can they comment on obesity. People in glasshouses ...

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    These are the same sweaty, pasty faced, tight fisted, ginger porridge gobblers that take delight in cheering for any football team that play against England. So the advice that I would have given them is to form an orderly queue outside one of their many greasy chip shops and hurl themselves into the deep fat frier.

  3. I have no time for the Scots, they put the idiots in power. My problem is that what they do today, our equally stupid government will do tomorrow although it is nothing to do with them. I am sick and tired of government interference in everything we do, instead of doing that which they were elected to do!