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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

KFC and Kellogg's Find Themselves on Nanny's Naughty Step

My sympathies to the good people of KFC and Kellogg's who have been placed on Nanny's naughty step.

For why?

Nanny's chums from ASA have told them to remove adverts which promoted junk food to children.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says they broke strict rules on advertising high fat, sugar or salt products to children.

The ASA found Kellogg's promoted a Coco Pops product, during a Mr Bean cartoon, likely to have been seen by children.

It also ruled KFC advertised a Mars product on a phone box by a school.


KFC said the appearance of the ad close to a school was a simple human error and it had taken the advert down promptly, once it had been alerted.

Kellogg's said it was disappointed with the decision as it had only meant to promote the healthier Coco Pops Granola product, rather than the original version. For the record the new "healthy" foul tasting option (which has less sugar) only saves 1 calories per serving compared with the tastier original version!

Why are we allowing Nanny to stick her nose into our affairs?

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    They still have phone boxes in the UK?

    What difference does it make if kids see adverts for these, and other foods?
    They are not the ones that go out and buy the stuff. That would be their parents.

    Anyway, I am pleased that KFC got fined. Their food is complete shit and, in my opinion, should not be sold to anyone.
    Their take away shops are invariably staffed by Asians who have a well documented, dubious approach to food hygiene. And the basic product that they use is obviously sub-standard.

    Who has ever seen a chicken with legs so small as those served in KFC?

  2. Unfriendly to business government and they call themselves Conservative Sanctimonious creeps.