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Monday, September 10, 2018

Nanny's Alcohol Free Days Narking Campaign

Nanny is nagging middle-aged drinkers to have more alcohol-free days a week in a bid to cut its related health risks.

Public Health England (PHE) and the Drinkaware Trust, the alcohol awareness charity, will today unveil Drink Free Days, a new joint campaign to help people reduce the amount of alcohol they are regularly drinking.

Duncan Selbie, the chief executive of PHE is quoted by the Guardian:
Many of us enjoy a drink– but whether it’s a few in the pub after work a couple of times a week, some beers on the sofa watching the football or regular wine with our dinner – it’s all too easy to let our drinking creep up on us.

Setting yourself a target of having more drink free days every week is an easy way to drink less and reduce the risks to your health.”
Selbie then, without any hint of irony, said that “narking at people” about what they may be doing wrong was futile!
"What is the point in being at some distance in people’s lives and just telling them they are doing everything wrong? But if we can run towards them with something they find helpful, that’s got to be a good thing.”
Interestingly guidance issued by Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, advises that men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week, which amounts to six 175ml glasses of wine.

Errmmm...was not the advice 14 for woman and 21 for men?

I see Nanny is moving the goalposts as usual.

Now then, in the event that you follow Nanny's orders what will be the outcome?

You will live no more than 2 extra years, but feel miserable and bored!

Not worth the effort is it?

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  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Two extra years (maybe, I doubt it), but it'll certainly seem a lot longer.

  2. Whilst most beer, wine and spirits that show the guidelines are still showing the old guidelines.

    Even all booze products in Marks and Spencer (including the latest additions) show the old guidelines.

    Seems to link with also reducing the guidelines for daily calorie intake.

    Call me cynical but there you go

  3. Expat in Canada4:43 PM

    Since I don't know any 140-year-olds, I am no longer 'middle aged' and I will drink whatever and whenever I want.

    I did the same during my 'middle ages' and I am in excellent health, so I recommend that you carry on and ignore the messages of doom.

  4. Those health quangos are showing their stupidity by thinking that the public don't know their own bodies. Dumbing down hasn't worked , politicians.