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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nanny Bans Freakshakes

Oh dear I see another unelected group of busybodies, with too much time on their hands, has got their collective knickers in a twist over what some people choose to eat.

Step forward Action on Sugar, which is demanding a ban on freakshakes and all milkshakes with more than 300 calories. 

According to these tossers, the freakshakes contain "grotesque levels of sugar and calories".

The Toby Carvery Unicorn Freakshake came top of the survey with 39 teaspoons of sugar or 1,280 calories. The Toby Carvery Unicorn Freakshake is made with grape and raspberry flavoured ice cream, blackcurrant jelly pieces, milk, freshly whipped cream and topped with marshmallow, skittles and almond macaroon.

Here's my humble musings on this subject:

1 I don't have a sweet tooth, as such I don't usually eat desserts let alone milkshakes etc.

2 I wouldn't be seen dead eating this shit.

3 Irrespective of my personal food tastes, it is not my business to tell others what they may or may not eat. People can eat all the shit they like, so long as I am not forced to eat it.

4 It is not the role of the government, or unelected tossers, to dictate to us what we may/may not eat.

5 What is it, and this is a genuine question, that drives certain people to set up "action groups" whose sole purpose is to focus on one specific food/drink etc (eg sugar, salt) with a view to banning it? Why do these people feel they must dictate to the rest of us what we may or may not choose to eat?

Please feel free to answer point 5, as I really can't understand these tossers.

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  1. These busy body prodnoses are control freaks. They don't appear to understand the concept of free will. They should be ignored.

  2. No one dictates to me,ever. Jumped up pipsqueaks.

  3. Jobsworths. They're inherently spineless and refuse to deviate from the rules lest their ineptitude become apparent to all.

    Initially they're useful for doing all the crappy things like taking minutes in clubs etc. Trouble comes when they get more power or pair up. Even more trouble comes when some airhead takes control of them.

    You go from a nice idea like neighbourhood watch to some muppets stalking around your back yard rattling locks.

    Passive aggressive notes in student digs are a sure sign you've a jobsworth in the making!