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Monday, November 05, 2018

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Nanny wants people need to take “greater responsibility" for taking the strain off the NHS, by taking the approach "prevention is better than cure".

Fair enough, that is a perfectly reasonable maxim.

However, Nanny believes that this will be achieved by people cutting down on how much they eat and drink.

Matt Hancock, who?..the Health Secretary, will apparently tell a health conference that taxpayers have a role to play in taking pressure off the National Health Service by focusing on the prevention rather than the cure.

Nanny intends to focus on stopping unhealthy lifestyles.

Yes, the word "stop" is being used. So much for people "taking responsibility"!

Public Health England will examine how to target health advice at people living in areas with there is a higher preponderance of "unhealthy lifestyles".

Nanny intends to look at "harnessing digital technology" as a form of "predictive prevention" to target people in regions prone to poor diet and bad drinking habits. In other words non middle class areas.

The Telegraph reports that Hancock will say:
It’s about people choosing to look after themselves better, staying active and stopping smoking. Making better choices by limiting alcohol, sugar, salt and fat.

But focusing on the responsibilities of patients, isn’t about penalising people.

It’s about helping them make better choices, giving them the all the support we can, because we know taking the tough decisions is never easy.”
It sounds to me as though it will be a case of penalising people and telling them what to eat drink, and smoke!

Public Health England will bring together and coordinate a range of experts to build, evaluate and model predictive prevention at scale.

Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, said:
"We need to move from a system that detects and treats illnesses to one that also predicts and prevents poor health through promoting health in all policies and puts people back in charge of their own health."
I have a few observations:

1 This will not put people back in charge of their own health, it will be used by Nanny to dictate to people what they may eat, drink and smoke etc.

2 Nanny has her sums wrong, whilst it costs an inordinate amount of money to treat people for obesity, booze, drugs etc.; it costs even more to keep people alive in their old age treating dementia etc etc.

3 Who the hell wants to live longer, only to end up in one of Nanny's homes for the elderly?

4 Given that the NHS is free, people are incentivised to take advantage of it. Until you start charging people for missed appointments, lost equipment etc you will never get people to act responsibly.

5 What exactly constitutes a "healthy lifestyle"?

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  1. Yes, just what is a healthy lifestyle? You can bet the two mentioned do not know, it is not one style suits all. Why do these idiots with no real experience know about anything? I'm 85, lived through ssmog in a steel making area, the 2nd World war and a non NHS world, thank goodness.

  2. It is not for a here today gone tomorrow politician and lifestyle health quango to dictate how the publics lives are lived. This pc government is turning Marxist and is decried.