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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Brighton Jetty Continues To Be Blocked For Health and Safety - #JettyGate

Loyal readers may recall that in January I wrote the following:
"A jetty over Brighton Queen’s Park pond is set to open in March – almost a year late following health and safety delays.

The jetty was built in 2019 after park visitors were asked to choose how to spend money contributed by local developers – either to rework its quiet garden to open it up and deter drug users, or to create a dipping platform.

The platform project was chosen and the jetty was completed to the original designs by May – but a surprise inspection by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents meant it has remained fenced off ever since."
A few weeks later the barriers were then unceremoniously thrown into the pond, and access to the jetty was restored. Then a fortnight ago I saw that the barriers had been re-erected, and restored to their position in front of the jetty blocking access. Two days later they were moved allowing access.

Great, common sense prevailed!

Sadly not, for this morning I see that one of the "safety" barriers has again been re-erected, and placed in front of the jetty blocking access (before and after pictures above).

Just to remind you, this jetty was meant to open in March 2019!

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