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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Virtual University of Cambridge

It would seem that those who expect to have a full and fruitful university education had better avoid Cambridge, as it has set out measures for the full 2020-21 academic year, announcing that it will move all “face-to-face lectures” online for the duration. The institution added that it was “likely” social distancing would continue to be required.

The university said lectures would continue virtually until summer 2021, while it may be possible for smaller teaching groups to take place in person if it “conforms to social-distancing requirements”.

Given that primary schools (aside from those held by rebel councils) are going back next month, and secondary schools will be going back in Autumn, it beggars belief that one of Britain's leading universities (founded in 1209)  feels that it is not up to the logistical challenge of managing to hold lectures in a socially distant fashion.

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