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Friday, February 02, 2007

Law and Order

Law and OrderWhen ordinary, decent, hardworking citizens lose their faith in the legal system and are no longer protected from persuing their legitimate activities and lives by those that they elected to orifice, then the country is finished.

Anarchy will take the place of order, and law will be the perk of a few well connected persons.

I am saddened and disgusted to see that this situation appears to be the norm in Britain these days. In the last few days we have seen a serving Prime Minister interviewed by the police again, and several of his his henchmen/women arrested by the police.

Precisely how can the people of Britain be expected to have faith in the law, if their elected leaders do not set an example?

We are without a doubt currently being governed by one of the most corrupt, and odious, governments it has been our displeasure to endure in the last couple of centuries or so.

Maybe some of you feel that the fact the Bliar and his henchmen/woman get away with what they do is of no consequence, and that if they are regularly being interviewed/arrested by the police it doesn't matter.

Think again, the system is breaking down.

Take for example the case reported yesterday of chip shop owner Nicholas Tyers and his son Lee (20). He ran the Queensgate Fisheries in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Some months ago they saw a 12 year old thug (a nasty piece of work by all accounts, prone to trouble making) who had spat at a customer and smashed his window the day before.

The two men did their bit for society, and law and order, made a citizen's arrest.

They put the thug in the family car, and drove him back to the shop to call the police.

Can you guess what happened next?

Was the thug arrested?

Were the Tyers commended?


Mr Tyers and his son were charged with kidnapping, and went to trial at Hull Crown Court for an offence that carries a maximum sentence of life in jail.

Finally, some six months later, the judge halted the trial and ordered the jury to clear them.

Judge John Dowse said the men had acted "reasonably", and gave the Crown Prosecution Service legal bollocking for being total wankers for taking them to court.


"I began this case asking whether it was in the public interest,

whether it should have been pressed

and the result is

it has not been in the public interest.

I raise the question of whether or not

there are far more serious cases to bring

The thug was only held for between two and six minutes and the evidence to support a case of kidnap was "not strong", said the judge.

Needless to say, no legal action has been taken against the thug, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in connection with the shop incident.

The cost to the taxpayers was £60K

The cost to the Tyers, incalculable

The cost to society...our liberties and freedom.

Mr Tyers has now sold the chip shop, that he ran for 10 years, and is looking for a job.

He said:

"I have faced six months of hell waiting to prove my innocence.

I have lost my faith in the judicial process.

The case should never have been brought.

When you are the victim of crime and you see the culprit

your immediate reaction is to take him to the police.

I can see why people turn a blind eye to crime

and don't bother reporting it

Mr Tyers had been having trouble with scum bag yobs for a while, particularly this one, stealing drinks and breaking a window, which caused around £400 damage.

He added:

"This lad spat at a customer and smashed the window to smithereens.

We had a look around for him that night, but he ran away.

I didn't see him again until the next day

He went on:

"We went back to the house rather than the police station

to call the police from there.

Nine times out of ten Bridlington Police Station is unmanned

and you have to speak to someone on the telephone.

We thought it best to call the police from home.

When we got to the shop a police car was passing

so we flagged him down and told them we had got the lad

The Tyers found that they were now the criminals, because the scum bag complained he had not been taken straight to the police station.

Mr Tyers said:

"We were going down the police station

on the understanding we were going to make a statement as victims.

The police turned the tables on us.

I was finger printed and had my picture taken and treated like a criminal.

I felt as if I was doing my public duty.

The case has been a complete waste of time and money.

I have made four separate appearances at court and gone on trial

Mr Tyers said the "final straw" came when his windows were broken again and he sold the business.

"All the police say when you call them is here is your crime number,

claim off the insurance

Can anyone tell me what is now the point of our legal system and our police force?

All I can see is that it is there to protect the interests of the failed lawyer Blair and his chums in Nu Labour, such Falconer (another lawyer) etc, who use the system for their own ends.

Until Britain is rid of Nu Labour we will see the continuing decay of law and order, as the system is abused for the privileged few.

Nu Labour need to be cut out of the political body, as one would cut out a cancer.


  1. Sadly, as shocking & pathetic that this story is, it doesn't surprise me, in the slightest...

    Dark (can i say dark, incase it offends anyone black?), Dark days we live in people...

    I'm only 26, myself, but even I knew, that if I had done half of what these kids do, these days, say 15 years ago, i would have expected a slap or a right good bollocking...
    Has this country really fallen apart that quickly? These is no deterrent, to break the law anymore...
    That old saying "Crime Doesn't Pay", is probably the most dated & incorrect saying off all time now, becuase it quite obviously does, these days...

  2. No, all is not lost. Watch television without a licence and the full force of the law will swing into action, with the risk of prison as well as a £1,000 fine.

    Never say the British legal system doesn't get its priorities right. Look after official and corporate money and bugger the citizen.


  3. A few years ago - but still in the Golden Age of Blair - I went to the aid of a policeman who was having the shit kicked out of him by several yobs (can I still say that?). The main assailant was a very big, very drunk and VERY aggressive young chap(can I still say that?). As I was reluctant to get my own head kicked in, I used a degree of force to persuade the young fellow(?) in question to desist. When, some minutes later the police and ambulance arrived, I was thanked for my public-spiritedness, the damaged policeman was taken to hospital and the yob carted off to the police station.
    Some weeks later, another bobby came to see me; thanked me on behalf of his mate and then cautioned me before telling me that I was going to be charged with assualting the bastard who was trying to kill his mate.
    The charge against me was later dropped because the yob's brief had arranged a deal with prosecuting counsel; he would agree to drop the charge against me if the police dropped the charge of GBH and replaced it with one of 'Public Disorder'
    Needless to say, I now look the other way if ANYTHING happens on the street.

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Grumpy's story truly epitimises Britian today. What he said is beyond belief! It is truly scary that normal citizens can be done for trying to stop the ones making life a misery.

    We know live in a full blown catch 22 society with a pinch of Orwellian doublespeak thrown in just to make sure. I hate this country and all its legal bollocks.

    Please sir, may I leave the table?

  5. Anonymous said, 'Please Sir, may I leave the table'. The answer (for the moment) is 'Yes'.
    I left the table and came to live in Turkey - you know, that country where the EU says their regard for human rights is crap. Funny, I've never seen a street fight in Ankara! I would also guess that anyone foolish enough to attack a copper here might find their attitude to his human rights WAS a bit harsh, and the chance of negotiating a deal would probably not be too good either. But then there isn't much call for ASBOs here either.
    So, quick anonymous, before somebody in NULab decides that leaving the country is a form of racialism, or terrorism or some such bollox, get out while you still can!

  6. This government is the worst I have known and I go back to the 1930's.
    We think that all this will end with the next election if Labour don't get in again. But if Young King Dave gets in will it be any better or has the rot spread so far into the system that it will be pretty impossible to get rid of?

  7. Got another alternative for you Railwayman39, and all other like-minded people.

    You ought to seriously consider voting for UKIP at the next election. They're currently in the early stages of producing the kind of policies that the Tories really ought to be considering.

    I also think membership of the EU is now a hindrance rather than a benefit, and we're better off out. I'm all for trading partnerships and closer friendship/cooperation with our neighbours. I'm completely against centralised control at the behest of unelected Brussels Bureaucrats on the European Commission.

  8. I have written to Cameron saying that although I have voted Tory since 1951 I will not do so again until and unless he says , and means it, that he will get us out of the EU.
    I got a very sanitised reply from his Correspondence Secretary which contained nothing conrete at all.

  9. As my old friend and ex-colleague 'Black Sea' would attest, I originally came to Turkey to experience living & working in an 'alien' environment (you know Muslims and all that). I was amazed to find that it was like taking a thirty-year step backwards; it was as though I was back in the England of the 50s/60s.
    After Bliar's victory in '97, I brought my wife and family here to safety while I waited for the rest of the country to come to its senses. Ever the optimist!
    I shuddered a bit when Cameron took over the Tory party, because he looked and sounded like a Bliar clone - but hey, he was a Tory, right? Things (as somebody once said) could only get better! Even a pillock like me eventually sees sense and recognises Davey for the arse'ole he so obviously is; I have burned my return ticket; bought property here and said a silent F... You! to good old GB, as it slowly sinks beneath the waves of bullshit spreading outward from Westminster and Brussels. My only worry now is that the Turkish Government might finally get EU membership and I would have to sell up and move on again.
    Trouble is, I actually love the old country and it pains me beyond belief to see the mess that these jumped-up, know nothing, corrupt wankers (of every political colour) are making of the old place.
    I promise anyone who wants to start a revolution, I WOULD come back for that!!

  10. Those of you who spell it "Bliar" sure have it right!

    Over here in America, a lot of the states are not far behind Britain in making self-defense impossible. I recently made a move from California to Tennessee for that and many other reasons.

  11. TX AGGIE3:50 AM

    Texas welcomes ya'll. We might seem a bit too far conservative for you at first, and we talk kinda funny, but you certainly don't have to tolerate people smashing up your stores, or beating people in the streets.

  12. southern patriot4:30 PM

    when the Brits stupidly turned in their guns to the govt. without opening "Liberal" season they sealed their fates. Now they're going to have to put up with the continuted breakdown of their society until enough 'good citizens' see the necessity of illeglally importing the arms necessary to take their country back the old fashioned way.