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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, February 03, 2007


My article yesterday about Law and Order certainly seems to have "hit a chord" with many of you. Indeed one story, submitted by Grumpy, is quite shocking and deserves a more visible position on this site.

Therefore here is Grumpy's post in full, and unedited:

"A few years ago - but still in the Golden Age of Blair - I went to the aid of a policeman who was having the shit kicked out of him by several yobs (can I still say that?). The main assailant was a very big, very drunk and VERY aggressive young chap(can I still say that?). As I was reluctant to get my own head kicked in, I used a degree of force to persuade the young fellow(?) in question to desist. When, some minutes later the police and ambulance arrived, I was thanked for my public-spiritedness, the damaged policeman was taken to hospital and the yob carted off to the police station.

Some weeks later, another bobby came to see me; thanked me on behalf of his mate and then cautioned me before telling me that I was going to be charged with assaulting the bastard who was trying to kill his mate.

The charge against me was later dropped because the yob's brief had arranged a deal with prosecuting counsel; he would agree to drop the charge against me if the police dropped the charge of GBH and replaced it with one of 'Public Disorder'
Needless to say, I now look the other way if ANYTHING happens on the street."

Thanks Grumpy, pretty sickening state of affairs isn't it?

Somewhat ironic that Bliar and his chums are all lawyers/second rate lawyers, isn't it?

Does anyone actually have any faith in law and order in this country anymore?


  1. ''Does anyone actually have any faith in law and order in this country anymore?''


  2. Derek Buxton1:23 PM

    No faith in the police at all, they are trying, and succeding apparently, to criminalise the normally law abidind population. Could this be the start of Blairs "secret police", all criminals accepted without question, informers ring here. oh well that's the Bill of Rights and the Constitution f***ed then. Well done Blairipoppins, a credit to the legal profession?????

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    One can see quite a pattern developing here, the generally law abiding masses are held back and punished by the huge weight of petty legislation, whilst the real criminals are let off.

    It also has something to do with (IMO) that are police are generally lazy idol Feckers,

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Err..... why is this "unfarkingbelievable" ?

    Much easier to criminalise the law abiding that to deal with criminals.

  5. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Nope, no faith in the law here in the US either. I see a lot of the same crap here with the law-abiding getting screwed over, and criminals having what amounts to free rein.

    And they say Anarchy would be a bad thing. *rolls eyes*

  6. When I read yesterday's "Law and Order" post, I thought to myself that I should share as a comment an anecdote from an old friend and colleague. His story constitutes one of the more appalling tales of law enforcement gone mad in the UK.

    But Grumpy has beaten me to the punch by posting it himself, which is all for the best, as you might as well hear the story straight from the horse's mouth (not that I am implying that you are a horse, Grumpy). It is quite a tale, and goes a long way toward explaining why people like Grumpy and me seek out some comfortable little overseas niche, from which location we may comfortably annoy Nanny by sipping coffee, smoking cigarettes, and setting the world to rights long into the afternoon, when we were SUPPOSED to be working.

    Nanny has quite a reach, I grant you, but her interfering tentacles haven't quite made their way to Turkey. Yet.

    And, as Grumpy points out, any surly "youth" foolish enough to assualt a Turkish cop is likely to spend a most uncomfortable evening in lock up. I suspect it's not the sort of trick that one tries twice.

    As to Grumpy having never seen a streetfight in Ankara, I will remind him that I myself was once so bold as to physically intervene such a disturbance. However, my boldness was in this case mitigated by the fact that both the combatants were female and probably weighed in at a combined 110 kilos.

    Nevertheless . . .

  7. Anonymous6:46 PM

    As I see it, the filth in the UK exist for two reasons now and only those 2 reasons:

    1) To safeguard political correctness and
    2) to safeguard the political elite.

    I have so many first hand experiences of their utter uselessness now that I cannot believe most of them even want to do their jobs properly.

    How long before people have truly had enough and we end up with Charles Bronson types sorting the streets out? It might make some of the poor suffering fools here feel better but it won't help. The lefties have pretty well destroyed the UK and I don't think there is any hope.

    God help you in this country if you find yourself the objective of a (real) criminal. It is the main reason I am emigrating (that and the shocking state of the taxation system). 17 days to go. I hope I survive!!

  8. David J Hilton8:35 PM

    More proof of what a shit hole Britain has become.

  9. alan g9:25 PM

    "Does anyone actually have any faith in law and order in this country anymore?"

    No - and it's very depressing. A few years ago I might have considered helping a policeman in trouble but I doubt if I would now. Technically, everyone has a duty (under the law?) to assist a policeman if required and I suppose in theory, you could be prosecuted for deliberately standing by doing nothing when a police officer asks you for help. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tony Bliar and ZaNu Labour.

  10. Simon The Horrible2:45 AM

    The British Bobby is the most useless form of life on the face of the earth.

    The once Great Britain has now turned into a Frenchified nation of girly-men or thugs.

    It seems the thugs now rule the once Great Britain.

  11. bliar's third nipple10:08 AM

    Perhaps this is the only way Bliar and his posse will ever be able to gather the finger prints of the law abiding majority. He will get his database somehow!

  12. BEETZART8:19 PM

    I seriously think it is about time we stood up to these bastards and took them out. The government I mean, they need to be destroyed. I hate them all. I will never get an ID card, never let my son be fingerprinted at school, never let officials into my house for valuation purposes, never accept another war. I abhor paying any form of tax, bang me up if you want. I WILL LIVE WITH PRINCIPLES BUT NOT THIS GOVERNMENTS.

  13. Message to "Simon The Horrible". I read quite a few policemen's blogs, and I think you'll find that a lot of bobbies on the ground are equally as apalled as you by what they have to do in the name of meeting 'official targets'.

    The people you need to target are the bureacratic force commanders who do not stand up to the demands of politicians, not to mention the CPS for choosing to prosecute these cases in the first place. Blame the lawyers, not the bobbies..........

  14. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I have to agree with James - the bobbies on the ground, especially th3e older ones, hate the current situation too. Many of the older ones are getting out where they can. Unfortunately they will be replaced with the sort of people who like the petty exercise of power, because no-one else would dream of joining the Police now.

  15. Thanks for your comments everyone (especially my old mate Black Sea).
    I hate to seem as though I am hogging the site - I promise to keep quiet for a while. But a thought ocurred to me after I recently posted an offer to physically support anyone who started a revolution in the UK.
    How secure is this, or any, blogsite? I mean, are Tony's SS gauleiters monitoring what is being said?
    I guess that the bastards can't get to me out here in Muslim territory, but what about the rest of us - are we secure, or can we expect an early morning visit from the NuLab Gestapo?

  16. Simon The Horrible3:40 AM


    I agree I'm being too hard on the lowly Bobby in the street. They are only doing what they are directed to do.

    However, that does not excuse them from being a useless piece of shit and a stooge of nanny.

    ("I was only following orders..")

  17. Anonymous2:38 PM

    In such a situation, I would get several of my friends together and stand near the fight (where the cop is losing). My friends and I would then start laughing.

    "Gee, mister copper, we'd LOVE to help you, but your department will arrest us for kicking the crap out of this guy."

    "We *legally* cannot help you. Enjoy your asswhoopin', osifer. "

    Britain...a true loser of a country.