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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Nanny Wastes Your Money

Nanny Wastes Your Money
What a spectacularly absurd waste of money!

Following a recommendation from a UK parliamentary committee, that more should be done to meet the needs of Muslim prisoners, Nanny's jails are to make every possible effort to make available special cutlery for the Muslim prisoners.

Red handled cutlery will be used, locked away from normal cutlery, so that the prisoners can be assured that their cutlery has not been contaminated by pork.

Each cutlery kit, of which 900 have been bought so far, costs between £500-£800.

Aside from the obvious issues about integration, it seems that as ever with Nanny this is an unnecessary "accommodation" to Muslims.

One Muslim resident of HM's Wakefield jail said:

"We've all eaten in restaurants where no one cares how food is prepared.

None except the strictest Muslims bother to check

whether different equipment is used

it's a waste of money

I would also venture to suggest, that strict Muslims shouldn't be in jail in the first place....or am I being a tad naive on that point?


  1. They could always use their fingers. Or......stay out of prison in the first place.

  2. Big Al1:04 PM

    "If you break the law, you'll be fed a diet of pork when you're sent to prison."

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    £500 for a set of cutlery?!? WTF? How do I get a contract to supply them?

  4. Grant9:09 PM

    A couple of thoughts.

    Is this idea really some form of divisive bullying so that Muslims in prison will be more readily identifiable by all? I'm sure this idea has been around before within the last hundred years or so ...

    And why RED I wonder? Why not, say, blue, or yellow (oops, maybe the wrong connotation there ...) or perhaps green?

    Perhaps the grateful inmates, when allowed to vote, will recall which party it was that arranged for their personalised cutlery. I would guess that colour recognition may mena wore than word recognition to some of them.

    Then again it you want to collect DNA samples I guess knowing the potential source of the object, by reducing the number of possible handlers, could be a huge benefit.

  5. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Is it not possible that this continuous placating of muslims is merely a technique to make people in general dislike them.
    Then comrade Blair could go with Bush to invade more Muslim states with impunity.
    the religeous right would see sense in this.

  6. Anonymous12:55 AM


    .."Then comrade Blair could go with Bush to invade more Muslim states with impunity.
    the religeous right would see sense in this..."

    How long have you been off your medication?

    Are you a product of the British Socialist Education System?


    Simon The Horrible.

  7. Simple solution.

    No meat in prison.

    Spuds & porridge should be enough!

  8. Anonymous8:56 AM

    The old phrase 'When in Rome...' springs to mind.