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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nanny Bans Mums

Nanny Bans MumsNanny knows no bounds when imposing her "zero tolerance" approach on her charges.

Ever conscious that we are not all the same, Nanny seeks to ensure that those who are in her view the most "disadvantaged" have the rules bent in their favour.

Instead of seeking to help people strive to improve themselves, or face reality, Nanny seeks to wrap everyone in cotton wool.

This of course does them immense harm in the long run, as people become dependent on the state and incapable of facing life's shitty realities.

One recent example of this absurd approach to life comes in the form of Nanny's ban on Mother's Day cards.

Helen Starkey, headmistress of Primary School in Carmarthen West Wales, has banned the making of Mother's Day cards because she doesn't want to upset children without a mother.


"More than five per cent of children here

are separated from their birth mother

and have either no contact or no regular contact with their mother.

This decision was not taken because of any philosophical attitude

towards the celebration of Mothering Sunday,

but to protect a significant number of children in our school.

In all our dealings with these children

we have to exercise great sensitivity.

I am not against Mother's Day

but no time will be devoted to making cards in lessons

What about the 95% of children who do have mothers?

Why can't the 5% without mothers make a card for the person who is acting as mother?

A ridiculous move, guaranteed to make the 5% feel more self conscious and less able to face life's harsh realities.

Isn't that child abuse of sorts?


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    How f**king thick, can you get?

    Mum dad walked out on me, when I was 5, but every Fathers day, you don't see me crying my eyes out, curled up in a ball in the corner of my room needing urgent counseling, whilst screaming “Where’s my dad…?”

    So what's next?
    Ban Easter Eggs, because Diabetics might be offended because they can't eat them?
    Ban New Years Eve, because Chinese people might find it offensive, because their new year is on a later date?
    Ban Xmas... ohh, hang on! they're already trying to ban that one, aren't they?

    I've said it before, and I’ll say it again, THIS COUNTRY IN BANG IN TROUBLE....!

    Steve, North London

  2. Grant2:41 PM

    Not wishing to be contrary or anything but educational hours might be wasted on card making (very bad for the less able card makers and decorators of course) whilst allowing the kids to move through the school unable to read or write adequately.

    Whereas going to a shop and handing over pocket money to fund the card industry at least gives them a realistic life lesson and maybe provides for some numeracy practice.

    I was always crap at art and hated stuff like that, though as I recall the number of occasions when cards were exchanged were fortunately somewhat less in those days.

    Also I can applaud the forward planning here. I mean what would you say to the little girl or boy who has two Daddies or the little boy or girl with two mummies once the adoption laws have been changed?

    Much better to remove these parodies of happy family activities in advance of it becoming necessary to do so.

    Anyway, there is nothing to stop the kds creating the cards at home if they wish - probably on a computer. I don't see why the council tax payers should fund the activity.

    As I said at the top, not wanting to be contrary or anything ....

  3. I can see that - by Nanny's logic - Valentine's Day hasn't a prayer. Think of the torture it must inflict upon the lovelorn.

    On the other hand, what use is a mother when Nanny provides care and feeding from cradle to grave? Aren't mothers, not to mention fathers, almost entirely superflous, if not subversive, to Nanny's purposes.

    Ermm . . . perhaps that explains why Nanny is keen to abolish Mother's Day.

  4. Anonymous said: Ban Easter Eggs, because Diabetics might be offended because they can't eat them?

    They're already banning Easter up here in Scotland, Grampian health board are banning Easter holidays in case it upsets muslims. Thought this was a Christian country ????

  5. I can maintain my silence no longer!
    Come on Black Sea, you are not yet sufficiently reconstructed; 'the lovelorn' clearly deserve everything they get if they unrealistically expect a member of the opposite (or same) gender to reciprocate their lust. No; the representation of hearts and flowers on Valentine's cards is likely to cause offence, suffering and all kinds of trauma to stroke victims; people on heart by-pass waiting lists; oedema patients; any other tolerators of heart conditions and their families and friends.
    The flowers of course - generally depicted in their uprooted state - will cause anguish to those who are concerned (as we ought all to be) about mankind's rape of the planet.

    Why were you not aware of this? Are you in denial? Would you like a visit from Nanny's thought police?

  6. Incidentally, as a Christian, diabetic, Chinese, orphaned person, I find anonymous's
    attempts to single me out for abuse extremely offensive. If I had a Dad,I would send him round to sort you out!
    p.s. you missed out left-handed people, I am left handed and proud of it! (so there).

  7. David J Hilton10:21 PM

    Can't say I'm the least bit surprised at this.

    Where are these political correctness knobheads finally going to call it quits?

    How I'm so ashamed to be British....

  8. Simon The Horrible12:36 AM

    Is it the lack of good weather over there in Blighty that has turned the once Great Britain into a nation of frenchified pussies?

    Dear God,
    (Am I allowed to say God?)what are you Brits allowing yourselves to become?

    WAKE UP!!

  9. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I don't think "frenchified" is quite the right word. They may not be much use on your side in a war, but neither do they go in for this kind of c**p. If anyone tried it there'd be direct action within the hour!

  10. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Yes - most certainly ban hand shaking as it upsets us lefthanders.
    As someone who is real old (age 71) I feel social workers etc should be banned. I didn't have one and I feel deprived.

  11. Anonymous2:02 PM

    "...(age 71) I feel social workers etc should be banned. I didn't have one and I feel deprived."

    I have not had a social worker eithger but I DON'T feel deprived in the slightest bit. I would have a lot more concern if I DID have the 'services' of a social worker!

  12. Anonymous2:11 PM

    "Helen Starkey, headmistress of Primary School in Carmarthen West Wales, has banned the making of Mother's Day cards because she doesn't want to upset children without a mother."

    This politically correct c**P does very much offend me!