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Monday, February 26, 2007

A Nation of Beggars II

A Nation of BeggarsFurther to my previous article about Britain being turned into a nation of beggars, those of you who fear that this policy might in some sense exclude those who are newly arrived in this country need have no fear.

It emerged at the end of last year that immigrants wanting to settle in Britain are to be questioned not on British history, but on how to claim benefits.

Doctor John Reid's much "respected" and "world class" Home Orifice, announced that it was extending the scope of the "Britishness" exam. The exam will now include questions on what benefits you are entitled to, and how to lodge a claim.

The subject areas include; the right to housing, healthcare and an education, and equal rights and discrimination. There will of course be no place in the exam for British history.

It seems that the Home Orifice is worried that migrants settling in the UK do not have sufficient knowledge of British law and culture; as noted earlier, we are now a nation of beggars with our arms outstretched from cradle to grave.

Therefore, it is only right and fitting that immigrants be indoctrinated into our ways as well so that they feel that they are one of us.

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  1. grumpy9:57 PM

    Somebody once said that Britain 'had lost an Empire and failed to find a role'
    Looks like we've got one at last, dolemaster to the whole fucking world.