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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nanny's Humongous Database

Nanny's Humongous Database
I see that Nanny's much "respected" and "efficient" Home Orifice is considering plans to build a humongous database to store the details of every phone call made, every email sent and every web page visited by British citizens in the previous year.

Oh yes, this will work!

Nanny says that this will help her in her fight against terrorism and crime. Well, she always says that.

From what I recall the invasion of Iraq was meant to make the world a safer place from terrorism too, but that plan was a complete load of old bollocks as well.

The Home Orifice has already approached telecoms firms and internet service providers (ISPs), they would be the ones providing Nanny with their customer records if the plans go ahead.

The security services and police would then be able to access records for any individual over the previous 12 months, by gaining permission through the courts.

Do you recall how RIPA, the surveillance law allegedly designed to be used only for terrorists, is being abused by local councils in their never ending fight against dog shit and litter?

I guarantee that this database, if it comes into being, will be abused in exactly the same way.

Another rather nagging worry in the back of my mind is the security aspects of the data storage, given last year's loss by HMRC of 25 million personal records and ongoing reports of other security breaches in Nanny's databases, who seriously believes that Nanny is capable of looking after all of the data securely?

In the UK, last year, 57 billion text messages and 3 billion emails a day were sent. Given Nanny's shambolic mismanagement of other IT projects, do you really think that she is capable of designing and managing a system that can cope with all of that data?

Of course you don't!

We all know that Nanny and her minions are basically useless and inept. This project is a car crash waiting to happen.

Notwithstanding that, Nanny's Home Orifice continue to press ahead. A Home Orifice spokesman said that the plan was needed to reflect changes in communication that would "increasingly undermine our current capabilities to obtain communications data and use it to protect the public".

The trouble is that the data is not used to protect the public at all, see what Nanny has done with RIPA.

Governments down the centuries have hated it when people gather together to talk to each other "privately", they have always done their best to listen in or to ban such discussion. This is the same old trick being rebranded to suit the modern age.

Terrorism is used as Nanny's catch all excuse to cover all of her rapidly expanding surveillance requirements. In truth, our lives are not being blighted on a daily basis by terrorism but by "low level" crime (yobbery, thuggery, robbery, scummy behaviour etc). These are the issues that need to be addressed.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    That is going to be the mother of all data bases.
    I have already received over five hundred pieces of spam this month alone.
    I wonder how British companies will react to having their government snoop through their emails?

    Why doesn't Euro Nanny just go the whole hog and start having the micro chips fitted to new borns? That's where it is going isn't it?

    I have called the EU the EUSSR for years now, but it is coming true....We are more watched and monitored than anyone in the old Soviet Union ever was.

    I had a friend who was a Czech, he had political views that were different to the government. He was a professor in a university.
    He was sacked from the university and on his way out of the building, he was arrested for the crime of being unemployed and was sentenced to two years in prison.
    I wonder how long it will be before such laws are put into place in the EUSSR, after all, our only role in life is to be, mindless drone workers aka tax cash cows.

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    pleez sur, wot abowt my youmern rites?

  3. Ken wrote:

    "In the UK, last year, 57 billion text messages and 3 billion emails were sent. Given Nanny's shambolic mismanagement of other IT projects, do you really think that she is capable of designing and managing a system that can cope with all of that data?"

    The figure for emails is actually 3 billion per day. If we are to assume that this database will also store attachments to those emails as well then the sheer volume of storage space required is astronomical. If each email is 1k in size (which they won't be) then already the storage required is somewhere close to 3.1 million Gigabytes per day. Even with compression I would guess at it requiring somewhere around 1.5 million Gigabytes per day. Add in the fact that emails do come with attachments and...well, I'm sure everyone on here gets the picture. A totally unworkable system and given the governments' track record in IT (cough-NHS-cough)one that is doomed to spectacular failure.

  4. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Once again kaptain - just as you say - "...doomed to spectacular failure." And, as always, a spectacular failure using OUR money: against US.

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Once again the sledgehammer to crack a nut. Would the government consider opening and photo-copying all private paper mail and then storing the copies? No, of course not, it is a ridiculous concept. Why should private electronic mail be considered any differently? Just because they can doesn't mean they should.

    If they want to snoop into someone's private mail they should get a search warrant to do so, justifying the need to an impartial (if there still is such a thing) judge.

    Another example of our old friends the politicised state police (PSP) seeking to make laws and extend their powers rather than getting on with their day job of patrolling the streets. The Association of New Labour Chief Police Officers (ANLCPO) trying to undermine the centuries old values of liberty and justice for their own ends, aided and abetted by the most totalitarian government in British history, the National Socialist New Labour Party (NSNLP).

    Have a look at this for an unbelievable example of how the politicised state police are trying to control even the written word:

    Remind me again, who won the Second World War and what were we fighting for and against? Liberty and Nazis wasn't it?

  6. Anonymous3:10 PM

    There is no way that Nanny could build a database to achieve the stated objective and she knows it. What she will do, and already does, is coerce the service providers to carry the cost of storage and retrieval on demand. Which means the punters pay.

    It's useful if you need to make a case against, say, mobile phone use when driving in order to gain acceptance for the cash generating fixed penalty notices and points on licence. It would be relatively easy to make this a remote mass charging device since triangulation of signals and a record of which cells the phone passed through at what times can provide a fairly accurate journey record if the phone is switched on.

    So, as in the case of some Peer reported in the Daily Mail today, an accident in darkness involving a collision with a previously crashed and abandoned car on the M1 may result in his prosecution for phone use (text message) since it seems the phone was used shortly before the collision.

    The reason for thei investigation is that the foreign driver of the previously crashed vehicle died. But had he not returned to the crashed car, dodging traffic on the busy motorway, in order to recover his mobile phone (apparently) he would have been alive and the accident would have been less investigation worthy.

    So, if the peer was driving in the dark and using the phone to send a text he was indeed very stupid but the death resulting in a data dredge to turn up mobile phone use around the time (he used the phone to report the collision in which he was involved) is a rather sinister turn of events.

    In short, Nanny already has access to more than enough information on which her minions can jump to conclusions. The cost of feeding the information to a central database on a perpetual basis would be about the same (or more?) as demanding it as required as far as the current service providers are concerned. But of course Nanny and her consultants would have to spend billions on a recurring basis.

    Such a thing would dwarf the NHS database project and that is causing enough headaches as it is.

    Nanny clearly just wishes to criminalise everyone in the name of equality.

    Will we get to a state where Crapita, with their experience from TV licence payment chasing, are awarded a contract to harass everyone who does not have a mobile phone contract?

    "We know who you are but not where you are ...". Hmm.

    More likely, "We know where you are but not who you are."

    No wonder we are seeing reports of the Poles and other recent economic migrants going home.


  7. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Dikson of Dock Green:

    Evening all!!

    I read the link you provided and to be honest I was shocked.

    As a former prison officer and forensic psychiatric nurse, I am a great supporter of the police but, even I am begining to have my doubts now.
    Is it me or are all the senior police officers (ACC and above) little more than PC politicians in a blue uniform?

    About every two or three years, I see police officers walk past my house, I am struck each time by the changes I see in their uniforms, they seem to have gone away from the traditional British Bobby's uniform, to one that resembles a Sci-Fi intergalatic storm trooper. They don't half carry some kit on their belts now, I think one even had an egg whisk!!

    Night all.

  8. Anonymous6:26 PM

    PC Dixon,
    I too read your link - it seems to me that if you substituted the letter 'n' for the letter 'l' you'd be getting closer to the truth about both Scientology and the copper involved.

  9. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Read the link and the link to the photo in the article.

    So, the pretty lemon coloured bibs they wear these days are to hide doughnut bellies on the men and big bums on the women.

    Knew there had to be a reason for them other than target practice.

    As for the kid, I blame the education system.

    Firstly the placard is very poor quality. Does he not had access to a computer and printer?

    Secondly if he had a brain he would have added "ure" in small letters (lack of space your honour being as I am crap at pasting things) after cult and the CULTureISTS could surely not have complained.

    No imagination these youngsters.

    Mind you I do feel that grumpy's idea is much closer to the mark.


  10. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Well I looked it up.

    Cult 1. a specific system of religious worship. 2. a sect devoted to the beliefs of a cult. 3. intense interest in and devotion to a person, idea or activity. 4. the person, idea, etc., arousing such devotion. 5. any popular fashion craze. 6. of, relating to, or characteristic of a cult or cults, e.g. a cult figure.

    Try as I might I can't really see anything "abusive and insulting" about that.

    Yes, Grant, not the best ambassadors for the City's finest are they? The male looks like a bin man who has stolen the helmet from a police officer with a much smaller head and the female looks like a cross between a traffic warden and a lollipop lady. Probably khebabs rather than doughnuts I feel.

    One of the worst displays I have seen was a female "community support officer" wobbling down a street in "uniform" wearing a santa hat and what looked like santa's whole sack of presents stuffed down the back of her trousers. Guts yes, of the wrong sort, but not much pride or integrity. Boy, do they ever need shaking up with a dose of discipline, drill and early morning PT.

  11. Anonymous10:04 AM


    I do like your description of Nu Labor. Most appropriate. Nanny will only be happy when we are all facing the telescren in our homes (nothing to hide, nothing to fear after all) and sipping our Victory Gin as we salute Big Nanny. All together now we love big nanny she is saving us from the nasty(insert terrorist threat of the day) and bringing peace to Europe where once there was on wars every ten seconds between something called nations - eyes fill with tears as the ring of stars fill the telescreen and Ode to Joy booms through the speakers.

    Orwell, even though a Socialist, could see where the trans national governments would lead the world - 1984 says it all.