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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bin Brother - Show Me Your Papers

Bin Brother - Show Me Your Papers
Oh dear, there has been a veritable slurry of stories this week about eco fascist councils and Nanny's "jobsworths" imposing high handed draconian rules and regulations on the time honoured art of waste disposal.


I mean, Nanny is sticking her nose into our rubbish bins!

Plymouth council (a Tory one, that should know better) is the latest in a line of councils to don their jackboots, and stomp over people's rubbish bins. The council will be issuing an edict informing the good citizens of Plymouth that families will be forced to name somebody to be in charge of their rubbish, under the council's "zero tolerance" approach to bin collections.

How about a zero tolerance approach to robbery, muggings and scum on the streets?

The hapless individual who "volunteers" to be "Bin Master" faces £100 fines and a criminal record (yes, a criminal record!) if their household puts the wrong rubbish in its wheelie bins, puts them out too soon, or puts them in the wrong place.

Just to remind you...

This is a Tory council!

Plymouth Council is living up to my oft stated belief that local councils are fit for nothing, aside from raising tax and imposing petty unpleasant rules on their local populations, and should be abolished.

The "Bin Master" (or "Mistress") will also be expected to give council officials a breakdown of everyone who lives in their home, together with intimate information including details of medical conditions.

They will even be asked to number babies and toddlers who use disposable nappies.

Think you can avoid this?

The council are threatening to fine people who do not comply with orders from the council.

The "Bin Master/Mistress" must submit their name, their age, and their signature.


"If you fail without reasonable excuse to comply with any requirement specified in this notice you will be liable on summary conviction to a fine."

One question in the forms is particularly "amusing":

"reasons why a member of your household generates more rubbish than average (eg a medical condition)."

So what happens if people from other families throw their excess rubbish into your bin?

Should we be locking our bins now?

The only way to stop this absurd nonsense is for everyone who receives one of these forms to refuse to fill it in. Only a 100% boycott will show the idiots in the council who really hold the whip hand.

Feel free to tell Plymouth Council what you think of them:

I would also recommend that you tell David Cameron too, it's absurd ideas like this that will stop him kicking Nu Labour out of orifice.

Roll back the frontiers of the state, and reclaim your lives and freedom!

-Contact Cameron

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  1. number 611:48 AM


    Nanny's onslaught into our private lives will not stop until we boot the old bitch into submission.

    I have emailed Plymouth and David Cameron's office on this issue. I urge everyone else to do the same. Otherwise, just keep on moaning about it down the pub.

    Plymouth citizens should resist, refuse to fill in the forms, contact Liberty (or any other civil rights hand wringing group) that wants to get involved and FIGHT BACK. Otherwise, go to the pub, huddle outside in the rain with your fag, pop back inside to buy the 1/2 pint you can afford nowdays and continue to moan like the typical Brit milksops nanny wants us to be whilst doing nowt!

    I see blogs, such as this excellent piece of work, as a chance to mobilise people as well as expose the sheer state control that nanny wishes to impose on us all.

  2. This is unreal. If Mr Cameron and his party support this notion then they do not deserve to win the next election.

    This is green fascism and is just as dangerous as all other fascism. I cannot believe that something like this is happening in my country of birth.

    I am sick and tired of middle class wealthy people pushing for more and more green taxation and green policies.

  3. Centaur1:15 PM

    "Summary Conviction" ? Under what power are councils able to demand information like this I wonder? I suspect it's bluff...

  4. Tonk.1:21 PM

    I have just pinged off an email to Mr Cameron as well as my own very well known local Conservative MP.

    I shall wait with baited breath for their replies.

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I've sent Mr Cameron an email, asking how he can let these idiots spoil his party's new found popularity by acting like the SS.

    Also - I've just read the below, which although not quite the same, still smacks of the way nanny goes about it all the wrong way:-

    On MSN News website.

    Police target law-abiding people for minor misdemeanours because it makes it easier to meet their quotas, it has been claimed.

    A pamphlet from right-wing think-tank Civitas said police and the Government risked alienating the public by concentrating on "easy-to-deal-with offending".

    The pamphlet, by journalist Harriet Sergeant, accused police of treating incidents as crimes when they would previously have been regarded as innocuous because it ticks boxes.

    Many officers are expected to complete a certain number of "sanction detections" a month, either by charging, cautioning or fining an "offender".

    Arresting or fining a normally law-abiding person for a minor offence is a good way of achieving this target and pleasing the Home Office, the booklet said.

    "Not only do the police seem intent on criminalising those whose offences, if they can be regarded as offences at all, are trivial," it claimed.

    "They are accused of concentrating on easy-to-deal with offending like speeding, while the real criminals seem to be getting away with it."

    The pamphlet highlighted one case in which a 19-year-old foreign student was arrested, detained for five hours and cautioned for holding open the door of a lift in a London Underground station.

    "This story reveals the bizarre stratagems created by the target culture," it said.

    "In a city where knife crime is exploding and the public are crying out for more police on the streets, three officers are tied up for half the night arresting a young man for holding a lift door open with his foot.

    "Sanctioned detections undermine the relationship between the police and the public at every turn.

    "It means they concentrate on minor crimes rather than the more complex. It takes away their discretion. Most of all it alienates the public."

  6. Tonk.3:37 PM

    All this jargon that has come into our language irritates me.

    What on earth are "sanctioned detections?"

    Other phrases that irritate me:

    Rolling out
    Ticking boxes
    I feel your pain
    Social housing
    Alternate weekly collections (ABC)
    Carbon Footprint
    Climate Change
    Community Support Officers
    In real terms
    Green taxes
    Green credentials
    Injury Lawyers.....

    AArrrggghhhhh I could go on but my head has exploded!!

  7. grumpy4:29 PM

    At the end of the day – at grass roots level – the elephant in the room is that there has to be a sea-change (or a step change); it’s not rocket science!

    I do hope, however, that Anon(3:23)'s quote from Civitas is an indicator of a new approach to Nannyism.

  8. Ken, sometimes I wonder if you invent this stuff just to wind people up, and your account of the hapless plight of the Bin Masters of Plymouth - shades of Burghers of Calais! - made me do a double take.

    When are going to waken from the Orwellian nightmare that 21st century Britain is rapidly becoming?

  9. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I am a 52 year old, law-abiding, hard-working - unwilling resident of this country (born and bred in Scotland, now resident in England). I used to have a benign view of the UK. OK, there were things that were not so great, or, downright, wrong but, at heart, it wasn't such a bad place to live. Now, I absolutely loathe this country. I loathe it so much that I would do almost anything to get out. Failing that option, I would take to the streets and engage in acts of civil disobedience.

    If I feel like this, how many other people do? It seems that more and more provisions are put in place that discourage the meeting of people (the smoking ban is a prime example). The sense of community has completely broken down. If one were cynical enough, one could almost believe that it suits the Government that we sit at our computers, venting our spleen, and thus not DOING anything.

    I can hardly believe that things have come to such a pass that I seriously consider civil disobedience - but they have


  10. Tonk:
    Drawing down funding (in tranches, naturally), and "monies" - what are they?
    Ken, sometimes you must surely be tempted to lose heart? Is there no way back from this hellhole that is being created all around us? Shall we have to resort to terrorism?

  11. One effective way to protest would be for 100 of the good Bin Masters of Plymouth to take their week's binbags of household rubbish to the Town Hall on a prearranged date and empty them all over the entrance hall - making sure that there are plenty of media photographers in attendance. That should stop the nonsense.

  12. Anonymous12:36 PM

    (a Tory one, that should know better)
    Wrong - they're all the same......

  13. dixon of dock green1:14 PM

    I am assured by Vivian Pengelly, Leader of the Plymouth Council, that these stories are not true:

    "Thank you for sharing you concerns wiith me about bin collections.

    I can assure you that neither myself or a Cabinet member have authorised such a questonnaire. We do not intend to implement such a scheme. At the moment I am investigating who suggested such the idea as it has never been discussed by officers or members and certainly not myself."

    I wonder, given that this is predominantly a Tory council, if this might be mischievous New Labour spin at work?

    The pot calling the kettle black, if I might use such a phrase without fear of the word & thought police?

  14. Tonk.1:43 PM

    Dickson of Dock Green.

    Evening all.

    I was amazed at Ken's posting and would readily accept the information you posted had it not been for the times on line report here

    The scheme is defended by both the councillor in charge of rubbish collections and the form is defended by a spokeswoman from Plymouth Council.

    So, even the Times are lying or the Council is lying, I wonder which one is. Will the council take the Times to court over the article?

    These "council/government schemes" remind me of a parent with an unco-operating child; The parent says to little Johnny,
    "Come along dear, you've had enough fun on the slide, we're going home now."
    Little Johnny doesn't want to go so kicking and screaming, the kid is taken by the arm by his mother and escorted away. The parent ignores the shouting and screaming and gets her way.
    It seems to me that, the councils/government ignore the protests of the public and just go ahead under the policy of Nanny Knows Best. The difference between the kid in the example and the public is this; The kid is too young to make it's own decisions and is subject to it's parents whims, the public are generally adults and pay taxes and expect to get services that serve their interests and needs. The public does not need to be forced into following a new green religion.

  15. Sorry, link for above story should read:-

  16. Anonymous2:42 PM


    I fear the modern version of your playground analogy would be that the mother is arrested for child abuse and and locked away.banned from further action and the child is taken into care by 'the authorities'.

    Now, if you shift things a level the controlling 'mother' becomes the local council and the 'the authorities' becomes Uber Nanny central government as directed by the EU.

    Once safely 'protected' by Uber Nanny the child can be given 'support' and 'counselling' (no pun intended) to help them become members of the community who really 'make a difference', mostly by keeping quiet.


  17. dixon of dock green3:07 PM


    Could not get that link to work. Are the Councillor named and spokesperson? If so, I shall be happy to reply to Ms Pengelly with the information quoting the Times article.


  18. Tonk.4:06 PM

    Dickson of Dock Green:

    Evening all!!

    The spokeswoman is not named

    The person whose brainchild the scheme was, is named as Michael Leaves by the Times online.

    The Times states that Mr Leaves said the following in relation to the reasons behind the scheme;

    "send a clear message of zero tolerance to those individuals or businesses who continue to spoil our environment".

    You can find the story under politics on the Times on-line website. "Householders in Plymouth complain of the Binquisition" is the title of the piece.

    Hope this helps.

    Night all.

  19. Arrived back from San Francisco yesterday.
    As I approached passport control, I announced "Welcome to Englitz. For you ze war is over."

  20. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Welcome back Pietr.

    Is zat ze foto of you arriving at ze Passport Control?

  21. Sepoy Agent8:28 PM

    Whether this particular story is true or not, (and I had already read The Times story with horror), we do know that councils are thinking this way.

    As comments have pointed out there is a danger that others in the road will dump their rubbish in your bin, and then there are the petty little rules about closed lids and not being put out too soon.

    As regards the latter, it seems that putting out bins on the right day only works one way, see this posting on my blog:-

  22. Anonymous10:15 PM

    WEll we know what this is for...The Government need to stem the tide of people moving to Australia and the like as this country gets won't be accepted if you have a criminal record though will you? It's a cunning ploy to criminalise an entire generation of Brit's to trap us here permenantly.

  23. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Anon 10:15 PM:

    An interesting point but I rather suspect that the Aussies are a couple of years ahead of us with many of these ideas and that Nanny UK is simply copying what Nanny Sheila promotes.

    Of course that assumes that Nanny Sheila has not been usurped by some other multicultural Nanny these days. I suspect it may be likely.


  24. Anon 12.55:- thanks. That is a photo of me disguised as a photo of a drunken Dutch settler.
    I had to go into hiding when an ex-employer threatened to bankrupt me if I didn't stop highlighting English law which says we can't be paid for inventions; they automatically belong to the company, since Jim Callaghan in 1977.
    Friend of big business? The oppressor.
    And other anon- what you said about criminalisation is absolutely true. There are people circulating whose sole function is to provoke our misbehaviour, whether they are operating under instruction or just as a tolerated consequence.
    Come to think of it, their consistency and persistence implies some sort of deliberation somewhere.You see creeps like this elsewhere, but only in Britain do you see their patent confidence and pleasure as they subject us to chronic abuse and torture; here they feel safe.