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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Dangers of Cabbage Stalks

The Dangers of Cabbage StalksFollowing on from yesterday's article about the Waste Gestapo in Norwich stomping their jackboots on an elderly man for putting a ketchup bottle in the wrong bin, it appears that they have a certain relish for stomping on the elderly and have done it again.

As retired milkman Barry Freezer (73) found to his cost recently, when he attempted to throw away some cabbage stalks in his bin.

Norwich City Gestapo refused to collect his waste and treated him like a criminal.

The binmen were following an edict of Nanny's that forbids food that may have come into contact with meat from being mixed with garden waste for composting, to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as foot and mouth.

For fark's sake!

Mr Freezer said:

"When did you last buy a cabbage with a stalk at a supermarket?

It should be obvious that this was garden waste that never came into contact with the kitchen.

I pay £35 a year on top of my council tax to have a garden waste bin and I am being treated like a criminal for following the rules.

No one told me exactly what I had done wrong so I moved the cabbage stalks into the household refuse bin, which was collected the following week. I then had to wait another week to see if they would collect the shrubbery clippings in my garden waste.

What am I supposed to do when my potatoes come? Sometimes the top is diseased and you shouldn't compost them.

I'll have to put them in the household bin but that won't be collected if it has garden waste.

The system is ridiculously complicated. People like me will be making 'mistakes' all the time.

I could burn my garden waste but it's not good for the environment

Mr Freezer's bin was "red tagged" as a punishment; normally two yellow warning tags are issued before a red tag, which is a final warning meaning rubbish won't be collected until it complies with the rules.

These ecofascists are the same "genetic spawn" as those who ban smoking, drinking, swimming, Mary Whitehouse wanabees etc.

They are sexually and socially inadequate individuals, with personality disorders, who get their rocks off by imposing their narrow views on the rest of us.

It is our fault for allowing Nu Labour to give these people the whip hand over us, and it is now time to wrest that whip back from them and to kick Nu Labour out of orifice.

Tell Norwich council what you think of them.

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  1. Ken:

    You hit the nail on the head again!!

    The problem is that we as a country give too much weight to the opinions of single interest groups.

    Global warming/Climate change...or whatever it's being called this week, is a new religion. Those of us that see through the lies of controlling governments and those funded by them to promote the new religion, are labeled climate change deniers. The jury is still out and it must be said that, the evidence is starting to stack up against the case for it.
    The problem is that too many people have jumped on the bandwagon and invested too much money in it, for it to stop.

    What ever happened to live and let live....Answer Neu Labour and the EUSSR.

  2. My GOD!!! I say bring back hanging. We can't have dangerous criminals like Barry Freezer or Lenny Woodward walking the streets. I'm afraid to leave my own home incase I come up against one of these shady characters in a dark ally.

  3. archroy11:18 AM

    The Greenies are now the second largest party on Norwich City Council with 13 seats (Labour has 15) so I'm sure we will have much more of this stuff from our swede-eating friends in the future.

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    One of the problems with such specific collection policies is that they rely upon accurate identification of whatever it is being assessed.

    Plant biology seems to be not well taught these days.

    A couple of weeks ago I was buying a couple of overly expensive nectarines on the premises of one of our largest supermarkets. The adult female on the till spent a minute or so weighing the produce and touching various parts of the screen in front of her before asking me if they were plums.

    Peaches I could have expected, but plums?

    I note that Sainsbury's stick little labels on each fruit. Presumably this saves their staff from embarrassment?


  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Reading your blog from the US Ken, it would seem that garbage pickup is the biggest issue Britain faces!
    It sure seems that your petty officials spend an inordinate ammount of time snooping thru peoples garbage cans. What an invasion of privacy!

  6. number 62:40 PM

    By all means let us kick Nanny McBrown and Nanny 'eat your greens' McGreenpeace into the gutter with the other rubbish.

    However, let us not forget that they are but matrons to the real Nanny that creates all these moronic rules. That's right so long as we are in EU Nanny's grip all that will change is the idiots issuing the orders whilst holding onto her apron strings.

  7. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Our council take anything "organic" in the brown bin, so we can mix up garden waste with meat - and even BSE and Foot and Mouth riddles cows if we can fit them in. How come we can do it, but it's the end of the world in Norwich?

  8. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Ken said: “It is our fault for allowing Nu Labour to give these people the whip hand over us …

    There was an episode of the Simpsons a few seasons back where Mr Burns is told “there’s someone at the door collecting”. He replies: “Unleash the hounds!”.

    This country seems to be going through a ‘Mr Burns’ phase at present:

    Red bottle in a blue bin? Unleash the hounds!

    Didn’t close his bin lid properly? Unleash the hounds!

    Doesn’t want to watch the BBC? Unleash the hounds!

    However, rumour has it that following recent electoral losses, Nu Labour are considering all options for how they might present a more loving, caring and cuddly side of their nature (aka cling to power).

    There are some who go so far as to think that this approach of “unleash the hounds first - ask questions later” might be contributing to their unpopularity.

    So a change of direction could be in the pipeline. However, it might be worth waiting to see what the alternative would be before organising any street parties.

  9. Dixon of Dock Green12:41 AM

    Ah, Norwich. A very special place full of the most interesting people. A little haven of Stalinism in the green and pleasant land of East Anglia.

    They even have uniformed anti fly-posting police and other wonders of labour and green party mutancy there. The local MP is an expatriate Scot - and Labour of course. Ironic that it should be the location of Kett's Rebellion.

    How long will it be before the perils of chucking your rubbish anywhere but in a bin are outweighed by the perils of putting it in the bin?

    They really do want to undermine the rule of law don't they. Kings of England learned long ago that imposing oppressive and irksome laws on a sullen and rebellious population had the counter-productive effect of making more people break the laws. This will come to pass again. We are at the tipping point of massive civil disobedience.

  10. number 69:51 AM

    PC Dixon, at the risk of getting a sound clip around the ear from a retired copper, I believe civil disobedience is the only way to go when faced with the ever increasing legions of jobsworths, wanna be coppers and idiot legislations emenating from the sock puppet government in Westminster and the central government, the EU.

    Refuse to obey any petty diktat from the council, take advice from CAB, do whatever you can to tie nanny's little helpers in knots dealing with your complaint. Even if you lose the case, you will have made some jobsworths day just that little bit more unpleasant as they watch the clock, rearrange their paper clips and dream of that nice final salary pension you are paying for.

  11. Anonymous2:00 PM

    This is a multi-part scheme to increase the power of the state over individuals.

    Firstly, enough laws to ensure that one cannot live a normal life without consistently breaking some. By not enforcing them (initially) the people's sense of wellbeing is not too badly rattled. But then when they decide that someone is to be "got", they have plenty of offences to justify lining them up against the wall.

    Secondly, its all about breeding a docile and subservient population. After the success of the no-smoking laws, they are in the process of introducing a shower of no-drinking laws. Now is the realisation that reading is bad for your career (see the story in The Register about a Nottingham University staff member who is to be deported after downloading a copy of a book on a University course reading list). And then they come for the subversives who run blogs.

  12. dixon of dock green11:58 PM

    Civil disobedience. Well, the tendrils of repression have been wrapping themselves ever more firmly around our windpipe of historical liberties that I fear even the mildest of protests would be in breach of one law or another.

    I served with great pride in the police but now, as a very old man, I look at what that service has become with deep revulsion and regret. The catharsis for me was watching those paramilitary police jogging alongside the Olympic flame and hurling protesters out of the way with much more than reasonable force. Sometimes six or more police jumping on one protester.

    It was sickening and made me think of Bobbies I had known in the past, men who put their lives on the line without anti-stab vests and all that nasty black paramilitary junk, who were passionate about justice and determined in their devotion to protect the public from crime and disorder. These were men who reassured the public rather than alienated it. They walked their beats alone at night and in all weathers with nothing more deadly than a whistle, baton and torch (radios came later).

    They were policemen but were part of the community, integral to it and represented it. There were no "agencies" then, or trendy logos, or impressive sounding but empty mottos. There were very few women. I know it probably sounds sexist but it was not womens work at all. It wasn't to discriminate against them it was because in our minds then women were gentle creatures to be protected from the nastier side of life. That seems naive now.

    Yes, there was a lot wrong, I'm not wearing rose tinted spectacles, but the fundamentals of policing were understood. I don't think they are now, for all the fancy words and waffle.

    Somewhere along the way the plot was lost, maybe deliberately, maybe because the wrong people were able to make the decisions. It's a hard thing to turn your face against the establishment when you spent most of your working life serving it in good faith, but I have done that now. And if I was young and fit again I would do more.

    I just hope that there are younger people who realise what is being taken from them and what a rich legacy of freedom, bought with the blood of our fathers and grandfathers and their ancestors before them, is being squandered in the name of political correctness and all the other bollocks in Britain today. I hope they are prepared to stand up and fight, I mean really fight, to stop these bullies from destroying every last liberty.