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Monday, May 12, 2008

Busybody Tries To Ban Goodbody

Dorothy Goodbody
Despite the never ceasing attempts by Nanny and her acolytes to suppress common sense, once in a while common sense does actually prevail in Nanny Britain.

One such example of common sense occurred in March when the Portman Group, which regulates brewers, rejected a busybody attempt by Alcohol Concern to ban the logo used by Wye Valley Brewery on their Dorothy Goodbody stout.

Their alleged crime?

Alcohol Concern felt that the blonde lady showing her thighs was "sexually suggestive".

So what?

Alcohol and sex are as inexorably linked as salt and pepper.

Half of the bonking in the world wouldn't have occurred without a stiff belt of booze beforehand.

Beer Goggles

Dorothy Goodbody stout has been in existence for 15 years and the Portman Group thought that Alcohol Concern were talking bollocks, they found that the brewery had not crossed the line from acceptable to irresponsible marketing.

Vernon Amor, managing director of Wye Valley Brewery, said:

"If you were to ban Dorothy Goodbody, where would it end?

Next thing you know there would be a ban on all the Carry On films and the iconic British seaside postcards

I have little doubt that Nanny would love to ban those things as well!

Don't forget to wear you beergoggles tonight.

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  1. The main problem with these single issue groups is that Nanny listens far too much to them.

    The other problem with them is that, they feel they need to be seen to be doing something to justify their existence, often with no thought as to how crazy it may appear.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Ken wrote:

    "Alcohol and sex are as inexorably linked as salt and pepper.

    Half of the bonking in the world wouldn't have occurred without a stiff belt of booze beforehand."

    Indeed, though of course the other half of the booze induced half (if you see what I mean) probably never happened due to an even stiffer (can I write that in the context?) belt of booze before hand.

    I guess it depends on whether it is the males or the females doing to the drinking.


  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Please! we already know Nanny is trying to wussify Britains men, does she want to neuter them as well? The picture on the bottle is more pin-up girl than playboy model. What is offensive?


  4. "Helping ugly people..." Isn't the guy in the picture Ronald Reagan?

  5. *sighs* If it wasn't so downright bloody pathetic it'd be funny...

  6. Dixon of Dock Green4:20 PM

    I'm looking at their "Agency" website and finding it difficult to understand why they would think a beer bottle label warrants their attention:

    "Alcohol Concern is the national agency on alcohol misuse. We work to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm and to increase the range and quality of services available to people with alcohol-related problems.

    We provide information and encourage debate on the wide range of public policy issues affected by alcohol; including public health, housing, children and families, crime and licensing. We support specialist and non-specialist service providers helping to tackle alcohol problems at a local level, whilst also working to influence national alcohol policy."

    Unless, of course, like so many government "agencies" and assorted weirdo gravy trains they are staffed by pin-headed, puritan morons with extreme views and an unhealthy desire to exercise moral "guardianship" (control) over their fellow Britons.

    One or more puerile idiot(s) in this "agency" has obviously added two and two to make a hefty and exceedingly dubious ninety-nine in associating a rather jolly retro pin-up image of a pretty lady with (shock, horror) alcohol-induced domestic violence against wimmen or (shock, horror) rape!

    Of all the crass, stupid, pointless, worthless, useless, bonkers, barmy, weird crap our "moral guardians" have vomited over us, the censorship of beer bottle labels has got to be one of the most lunatic. And to think there must be a little coterie of the sad dweebs sitting in an office somewhere all nodding gravely as some little twerp pontificates on the sinister danger of jolly retro-style, fully clothed pin-up girl style ART.

  7. Anonymous9:26 PM


    Why would a bus body be involved with controlling booze bottle labels?


  8. "Bus Body"...Oh good grief!

    Well spotted Grant!

  9. I saw a recruitment advert for an 'Alcohol Intervention Officer' in Leeds.
    Is that like the Duff Man, going round saying things like:"This is an emergency! That man needs a drink!"
    Why not?

  10. Anonymous10:07 PM


    Re Bus Body - I thought for a moment the campaign was a likely extension of the Johnson/Smith 'ban booze on transport' drive (no pun intended. No, honestly, none at all ...) and had been subcontracted to Transport 2000 for their lobbying activity experience.