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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers!

Shiver Me Timbers!Oh dear on hearing about this story I really do wonder, yet again, why we bother to allow local councils to exist.

Have they nothing better to do with their time, and our council tax?

David Waterman, of Ashtead, has found out to his cost that Nanny's local council (Mole Valley) has got a veritable bee in its bonnet over the fact that he flew a Jolly Roger pirate flag in his garden for his daughter's 8th birthday party.

The flag, all 5ft by 3ft of it, was flown to enhance the pirate theme of his daughter's birthday.

Needless to say, Nanny's chums in Mole Valley want him to de-erect his pole and flag (can I say that?).

Oddly enough this is not the first time that Nanny has banned pirate flags, I cite the case last June whereby Stafford Borough Council did the same thing.

Anyhoo, this all blew up some months ago, Mr Waterman has received a letter from the council telling him to take it down; in response he has applied for advertising consent for the flag to be flown.

It seems that there is something of a dispute going on with some of his neighbours who don't like his kids playing outside, as such they complained to the council about the flag.

Another neighbour erected a pirate flag in support, but took it down after receiving a warning letter from the council.

He replaced it with a Union flag, as the law states anyone can fly a national flag or flags promoting a business at their home.

Mr Waterman is now considering registering a company called Jolly Roger at his house, so that he can keep the skull and crossbones.

A spokesman for Mole Valley council said it had not yet launched legal proceedings against Mr Waterman and would consider his application.

"We received a complaint about the flag flying outside Mr Waterman's house and are duty-bound to investigate complaints and enforce government regulations."

Herein lies the problem..."duty bound to enforce..."

Councils are not meant to act as state enforcers, they were once meant to "manage" and enhance their local catchment areas for the benefit of the local community as a whole.

It seems that their view of their "mission" has changed somewhat over the years.

As councils now see themselves as "enforcers", it inevitably places them on a direct collision course with their local residents and voters; this will only end in tears for the councils.

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  1. From my Yatching days, I remember flying a Jolly Roger (Lucky Roger, if he is jolly he certainly doesn't live under Nanny)was a serious offence, but I am not sure about whether it is or not in someones garden.
    It seems it is all part of Nanny's plan to make people scared to do anything without first asking nanny.

    I wonder if Hitler started off in a local council as a flag enforcement officer...

  2. Dixon of Dock Green10:30 AM

    Ah yes, the "enforcement officers". You are quite correct to highlight the "mission creep" in the provision of local government "services". There seems to be no end to these ardent, righteous, opinionated guardians of "we know what is good for you" cramming themselves into the newly-built and luxurious offices springing up all over the country.

    The other day I saw a "yellow jacket" manipulating waste bins in my local town. On the back of his jacket were the memorable words: "Environmental Crime Unit".

    We are all of us potential or actual offenders and criminals in Nanny's eyes. That is the default presumption and starting point where it all began to go wrong. The sad reality is that the minority of real criminals break the old laws with impunity whilst the authorities spend their time and attention heckling, bullying, monitoring (spying on) and punishing the vast majority of normally law-abiding citizens for a growing repertoire of silly offences and transgressions.

    I call it the "Jacqui Smith Syndrome". When a mediocre khebab-munching left-wing ex-teacher becomes Home Office Minister you know you are in for some good old pettiness when it comes to "enforcement".

    Reason, common sense, sense of balance, perspective, maturity, discretion. All gone.

  3. Lord of Atlantis12:53 PM

    These tossers seem to revel in making everyone else's life a misery, but my old mates Blackbeard, James Hook and Jack Sparrow would have dealt with these jobsworths most efficiently: they would have 'invited' them to walk the plank!

  4. number 61:32 PM

    Just had the pleasure of paying my monthly council tax (5% up on last year) to keep all of the little Hitlers in their jobs.

    I love this country and moved back here after a decade living in the US but now am looking to move back stateside where freedom and liberty for the individual are taken seriously. We had voter recall in California - the state politicians don't keep to their manefisto 75 percent registered voters sign a petition out they go.

    Let the left wing scum laugh at our cousins as they do at us, via their constant intrusion into our lives and their support of Big Brother EU, but we should take note that the Americans (re the average voter) takes country and local politics seriously. Were it the same here.

  5. Tony Edwards1:59 PM

    I would suggest that Mr. Waterman buy a share in a local company, here in the Virgin Islands, called Jolly Roger Inn. Their phone number is 284-495-4559, and their E-mail is They fly the Jolly Roger as their promotional flag.
    Problem solved!

  6. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Ken wrote:

    "Nanny's chums in Mole Valley want him to de-erect his pole and flag (can I say that?)."

    Flagging pole surely?

    I see the gentleman is a fireman. Would have known a thing or to about poles then, I suppose. No doubt Nanny has removed the poles from his firestation now. Health and Safety probably. He probably feels the need for a substitute.

    My local airport is, surprisingly for an airport, planning to build 4 large wind turbines for some reason. No council objection at all as far as we can ascertain. Indeed the council seems to be suggesting that its hands are tied ...

    It's a funny old world.


  7. Dixon of Dock Green4:12 PM

    Oh, and just one other thing I need to get off my chest after watching our government fabricate and lie in parliament today.

    How has the situation been allowed to develop where ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) are allowed and even encouraged to lobby the government over matters of law? The police are supposed to enforce the law impartially and bring accused offenders before the courts. They are not there to create law or to become a political lobby for the introduction of specific laws. Their expertise is in maintaining order and enforcing the existing law (or should be) not seeking to influence the moral imperatives of government.

    The unhealthy marriage of state and police in recent years has been disastrous for the ancient liberties of Englishmen. Its high time these opinionated political state policeman were put firmly back in their box and told to get on with their jobs and not to meddle in politics. Goodness knows there is enough for them to be doing out on the streets where they belong and they don't seem to be doing a very good job of it.

  8. number 66:13 PM

    Evening all, Dear PC Dixon the age of the police, well policing us by consent has long gone.

    Most 'citizens' now view the coppers as either blue suited (or hi vis vested) social workers when it comes to 'yoof' crimes, or revenue enhancement officers when it comes to enforcing (ha ha like they are Dirty Harrys on the loose) EU diktats such as measuring kids to see if they fit safety seats in cars. I sat in a massive line of cars where I live while they and the 'plastic plod' did just that and of course checkign tax discs - when not laughing with their mates and supping tea out of plastic cups. Total numbe of cars there 4 coppers (or what passes for them nowdays 12) Waste of space of the first order, as a law abiding citizen who has had to call on the 'brave boys in blue' with rampaging hoolys in my own front garden only to be told would send a car "if available" on more than one ocassion - guess what no car, no coppers, but a crime/incident number on a call back - meanwhile my council tax for "policing" goes up every year.
    Move along now, nothing to see here.

  9. Dixon of Dock Green7:28 PM

    "when not laughing with their mates and supping tea out of plastic cups"

    Outrageous behaviour but having watched the video of the 3 policewomen in uniform dancing in sync at the Notting Hill Carnival I can believe it.

    Back in the day it was a serious disciplinary offence for an officer in uniform to consume food or drink in uniform in the public view. Of course the modernisers will bleat "times have changed" and that I'm old fashioned, fogey, out of date, (insert age-discriminating epiphet of choice here) etc., but as I've said before they certainly haven't changed for the better.

    Watching the conduct and behaviour of many police officers across the country in my work I draw the sad conclusion that a majority are unprofessional, rude, undisciplined, scruffy and ignorant of the most basic requirements of their job. And that's just the Chief Constables!

  10. Local Council? Surely it's just a local Moot, where a few local persons get together to discuss Blind Pugh's latest attempt to roger a sheep behind the church and decide to force him to seek alms from a different house.
    They meet once a month in the Randy Newman pub to discuss the business.
    Finally they decide to bring Pugh to the attention of the local police.
    And go back to their businesses and jobs.
    Local 'Government'? WTF is that?

  11. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Avast there me heatries, ahh jim lad etc etc.

    Nanny does not like flags where I live. She particulary does not like the cross of st George or the union jack, with several people having been told to take them down. I believe it may have involved elf and safety, visual blight or some other silly bollocks reason when they were flown during the World Cup.

    However when our local and much loved 'islamic centre' hung out a huge banner, using a council lampost to attach one end of it proclaiming the supremacy of their chosen diety etc etc nanny (amazingly) did not object.

  12. Stop Common Purpose

    If you don't know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

    Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:

    In particular, consider how they have corrupted the British police:

  13. Thanks all for your support. the flag isstill flying (at present).

  14. Thanks all for your support. the flag is still flying (at present).