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Monday, May 26, 2008

Taking The Puss

Taking The Puss
Our "respected" local councils are up to no good again, as Joy Tracey from Denton found to her cost recently.

Joy recently found a stray ginger cat, who she called Copper, and tried to reunite him with his owners.

Having visited local cat homes and advertising in the local paper, to no avail, she decided to put posters up on lampposts.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yes, that's right, two "council patrollers" from the town hall's neighbourhood task force left messages on her phone ordering her to take them down.

She said:

"They said I had to go round and take them all down or face a heavy fine.

It makes me feel angry. If it was a scruffy poster I wouldn't mind, but it's been really neatly done. I just want to get this poor cat home. I'd had no response and he's such a loving cat.

Under Nanny's rules anyone who wants to put posters on lampposts must apply in writing to council highways engineers for permission, at least 28 days in advance.

Fair enough for fly posters etc. However, surely a little bit of commonsense could have been exercised here and the "approval" granted "after the fact"?

Unfortunately, Nanny does not possess commonsense.

A spokesman for Tameside council said:

"We understand the distress when pets go missing.

However we have to reflect and act upon community concerns such as flyposting


The old "following orders" excuse!

Purrfectly Purrposterous!

FYI, all the fuss did have one good outcome; Copper's owners read about it, and were reunited with him.

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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Thank goodness that they haven't got down our way yet. Here there are plenty of wooden poles, as most of the electricity in the village flies into buildings overhead. Most of the wires recently renewed as it is far too expensive to bury them underground.

    The net result is plenty of substantial wooden poles (telegraph pole sized) all over. And EVERYONE, including the Parish Council, uses them to post notices of meetings, lost dogs, found cats, garage sales, and all sorts. The Parish Council just gets ratty every now and then if people don't take their notices down and drawing pins away with them when the need has passed.

    Yokel supposes the news that the local town has newly appointed its fair share of Civil Enforcement Officers will mean that we can shortly expect to be treated just as described in the article. But Yokel will still enjoy it while he can!

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    yokel wrote;

    "Civil Enforcement Officers".

    Now there's an oxymoron in the making.


  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Then there's the one in the Daily Mail about the lad who bought a helium filled balloon at some event and used the helium for a little voice distortion amusement and then let the balloon go - presumably not far with what was left of the helium.

    Nanny's Fly Tipping spooks issued the required £50 tax notice of course.

    That should put a stop to all those balloon release promotional events, And the charity floating duck races I would imagine once the relevant agencies twig the revenue potential.

    I wonder if we could obtain a ban on national and local politicians getting self promoting rubbish articles printed in local papers? Now that would be something of benefit to all.

    The Daily Mail seems to have followed the Richard Littlejohn lead on this. It should be fun to see whether they build this into a campaign, though it is a pity that their campaigns often seem a little misguided.


  4. Anonymous2:17 PM

    So much of this "let's make everyone frightened to say boo to a goose in order to control them easier" seems to be coming out of the EUSSR.

    Nanny seems to take on board every diktat that Euro Nanny issues.

    I was reading a site recently, the EUSSR telling us "citizens of the EUSSR" how wonderful they are and how national interests of member states should not be taken in to account when deciding EUSSR policies.

    The site was

    Well worth a look if you want to feel depressed!!

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    So good to see Nanny's brave enforcement officers acting on the scourge of society today - lost pussy cat posters are indeed top of everyone's concerns in the local area.

    Tell me again, Ken, why does our council tax go up everyear to keep morons like this in a job?

    To borrow a term from our cousins overseas, nanny's minions are a real bunch of pussies.

  6. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Ken said: " Having visited local cat homes and advertising in the local paper, to no avail, she decided to put posters up on lampposts.

    Can you guess what happened next?"


    She found a job.

    No longer had so much free time on her hands.

    And the problem went away.

  7. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Anon Nanny:

    Actually the lady in question is a pensioner; ie she does not need to work on grounds of her age.

    You are falling for Nanny's brainwashing, people are more than mindless drone workers, there is more to life than working, most of us work to live, not live to work.

    Stop being Nanny's mouth piece or we shall all turn into mindless drone workers, even the most work addicted office creeps have a little bit of spare time to do their bit for domestic pets; it used to be called being a good neighbour.

  8. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Anonymous 11:42 PM said:

    "Stop being Nanny's mouth piece ... mindless drone worker ... addicted office creep ...."

    Spot on. Guilty as charged.

    It was a case of coming up for air after two weeks of solid work with the prospect of probably another four to go.

    Sorry Joy!

    If I have any redeeming features it is that someone has to pay the taxes to make the wheels turn but I’m open to all suggestions for avoidance methods.

    Anon Nanny.

  9. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Since Nanny will not let us use the lamp posts for hanging notices, may I respectfully suggest hanging something else? I leave it to your imaginations as to who should be dancing the "Hemp Fandango" of course...