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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nanny Bans Ketchup - Again

Nanny Bans Ketchup - AgainNanny's concern for the environment, in theory, is highly laudable.

We have but one planet, and to "crap on our own doorstep" is neither pleasant nor wise for our future health and well being.

However, in life, there are no black and white issues merely shades of grey. These grey realities require sensible human beings to exercise commonsense and sound judgement, before imposing petty rules and regulations.

It is a well recognised trait of Nanny that she possesses neither commonsense, nor sound judgement. She sees the world in black and white, and seeks to impose her petty rules and regulations irrespective of reality.

This sad reality was vividly brought home to Lenny Woodward, a 95 year old former Desert Rat who now resides in Norwich, the other day.

His crime?

He placed a ketchup bottle and coffee jar in the wrong bin.

His punishment?

Norwich council refused to collect his rubbish.

Residents of Norwich, like many towns across Nanny's Britain, have to suffer under the yoke of rigid rules wrt refuse disposal; they have a blue wheelie bin for cans and cardboard, a green box for glass and a black bin for other waste.

Mr Woodward made the mistake of putting the ketchup bottle and a coffee jar in the blue bin, when they should have gone in the green box.

A crime against the state! Nanny's eyes anyway.

When Nanny's binmen inspected the blue bin (doesn't this sound rather like they are employed as council spies?), they refused to empty it and attached a tag to it warning him not to break the rules again.

Mr Woodward's daughter rang Norwich City Council to explain that he made a mistake based on uncertainty about the system, rather than evil malice. Unfortunately the council have adopted that well known excuse used by petty officials from earlier times:

"Rules have to be obeyed".

Errmm...if the rules are ridiculous, no they don't!

You know folks, when these scumbags in local councils start to talk to people like that there is only one course of action left; remind them very forcibly who is the master and who is the servant.

Mr Woodward said:

"I'm very sorry it happened. It's just I'm confused. I don't know which bin is which so I put the wrong things in the wrong bin.

They could have knocked on my door and spoken to me about it instead of putting a note on the bin saying they would not empty it.

It all seems very childish. I've never broken the law before. I haven't even had a parking fine or speeding ticket

Mr Woodward comes from a generation who fought against oppression and tyranny being imposed by tinpot corporals, that generation was brought up to respect genuine authority and the rule of law.

Regrettably, Nanny and her acolytes in local councils have destroyed people's respect for the rule of law and for authority. That is why social order is breaking down.

Tell Norwich council what you think of them.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I honestly believe that giving dustmen "power" to decide when a bin can and can't be emptied is a bit like putting a peadophile in charge of a nursery.

    Binmen have never, in my experience, been the most willing of workers. I have even named a syndrome after them. Binman's syndrome is where you believe that you are the hardest worker in the world....If you ask any binman what they think about their colleagues, they will always reply that they are all lazy and that only the one you're speaking to, does all the work....Try it and see.

    All these new "bin offences" are about scaring the population so they are too scared to resist. We shall be having "block monitors" soon to keep an eye on us just as they did in the USSR.
    Also of course, there are nice fines to be had to keep Nanny's tills ringing....Kerching!!

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I sincerely hope that if these jobsworths reach the age of 95, they will receive the same sensitive and sympathetic treatment as they have bestowed upon Mr Woodward. These tossers are not worthy to wipe Mr Woodward's bottem and should be ashamed of themselves. Did not Winston Churchill say that our returning servicemen from World War 2 should return to 'a land fit for heroes'? I rather fear that successive governments, both at Westminster and in the town halls, have consistently betrayed that promise.

  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I have often wondered if anyone dare publish, on a council by council basis, a report on the economics of waste disposal.

    I have never seen one, has anyone else?

    It seems quite bizarre that people are expected to separate differnt item types and then have everything thrown back in a single container and sent to somewhere in Asia to be re-sorted.

    And I remember some years ago reading a media piece about why New York stopped glass re-cycling. Something about it costing them $70 million a year to do it and the lack of demand for re-cycled glass making the whole process worse than pointless.

    Of course whilst ever our apparent lords and masters continue to refer to carbon dioxide (a gas vital to plant life for many reasons) as a 'pollutant' there is clearly no hope that anyone with clout will look at issues about 'human waste' with one eye on accurate application of logic.

    Thus we have the bin zealots.


  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Thank God I'm not colour blind like my father or I'd be Public Enemy No. 1 !! He can't tell apart certain shades of blue and green.

    "Your Honour, the man is a serial recycling abuser. He deserves to be punished to the full extent the law allows."

    Local councils - a set of power/money hungry set of dickheads.

  5. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Our local binmen are good lads they even used to take some garden rubbish and old sofas etc for the proverbial 'drink for the lads' Nanny put a stop to that with video cameras on the dustcarts - they were viewed by some cretin with nothing better to do at the council and yes, binmen did get the sack (no pun intended) for doing a few jobs on the side.

    Local councils are a very expensive waste of space.

  6. Anonymous1:36 PM


    A cost study on recycling would be a total waste (ha ha) of money. Recycling laws are made in the EU and that organisation does not care one monkey's fxxx whether a law makes sense or is cost effective.

    The rule is then enforced by equally retarded councils and backed by the screeching green lobby - to which all politicians must bow or be accused of wanting to kill the planet for all our future kiddiwinks.

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    This is appalling. Local councils seem to have no respect for war heroes and the elderly; I've heard stories like this before. Poor bloke.

  8. Anonymous4:37 PM

    number 6,

    Ah, but we know they don't want to make the numbers (or indeed most of the process) public and so we know there must be a reason for that. If it was really good they would be spinning it in the media for all it was worth.

    Which is exactly why the information needs to be uncovered and therefore why the study would have value. But I suspect the information and possibly the studies, already exist. They just need to be uncovered and, possibly, translated.

    In the land of the blindfolded the one eyed man will remain as king.


  9. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I have noticed that any recycled product is always dearer than one made from virgin materials. Paper products are a prime example.

  10. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Utterly pathetic - that's all I have to say