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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Educashun The F Word

Educashun The F Word
Shades of Ramsay speak have entered the curriculum.

A student who wrote "fuck off" in an English language exam, in answer to the question "describe the room you are sitting in", was awarded 7.5% for accurate spelling and effective communication.

If it had had an exclamation mark he would have got a little bit more, because it would have been showing a little bit of skill.

F*** Me!

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  1. Tonk.4:55 PM

    At least he will be able to understand what the employer says to him when he expects that employer to give him a job.

  2. a social worker writes5:14 PM


    Wot is a job are u tkin g tjh pss.
    I is sognniong on nxt wk for life cos I is disa disa well fxxxxd up and suffering from low self esteem, due to poor educational input from my learning centre, leading to feelings of alienation and acute fear of employment.

    The end comment was written by Ivor Bleedingheart, Social Worker yoof disadvantage team, Neasden South.

    My client, whose name I cannot divulge, has told me to tell you all to fuck off. This being the pinnacle of his years in school.

  3. Tonk.5:24 PM

    A Social Worker:

    Thanks for that, I am sure your client's qualifications will increase once he qualifies for his ASBO:-))

    When your posting is sent to the USA under the EUSSR's latest agreement, at least it will keep the Yanks busy for a while trying to decipher it:-))

  4. "Describe the room you are sitting in."

    Actually, I kind of sympathize with the student here. Perhaps it would've been more appropriate to respond, "Oh, for fuck's sake!"

    Please note the use of the exclamation mark.

  5. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Im sure it wont be long before he will write,
    "the room is rectangular, has bars on the windows and I get to shit in a bucket with 3 other men watching me. Its not my fault...the education system failed me".

  6. a social worker writes9:04 AM


    My client already has three ASBOs, which I regard as an intrusion by the state into his already troubled life.

    Stealing other people's cars, then crashing them whilst under the influence of skunk and lager is simply his way of expressing the viewpoint that cars emit severely damaging amounts of co2 and that removing several of them from the road improves not only his, but our carbon footprints. And for this he is punished with an ASBO, further diminshing his self esteem and forcing him to wear an ever larger hoody when I sign on for him at the job centre.

    As to the American imperialists reading our mail - shocking. Thank Gia I was at the Vietnam protests in '68 man.

  7. A Social Worker:

    Please accept my sincerest apologies for misjudging your client.
    Three ASBOs is a great achievement and both you and he should be proud.
    Is he likely now to go on to get a Social Work qualification? Is he able to grow a beard and has he been doing his precourse research by reading the Guardian?

    I am pleased also that he is a "Climate Change Urban Warrior" helping to solve the evil of cars.
    Has he realised that, by adopting the climate change religion, he has sold out to the government as they are the only group, well other than the greens, that promote such an agenda and many of us feel it is more about tax raising, than green issues.

  8. a social worker writes11:15 AM


    My client is extremely proud of his ASBOS, they were neatly framed by my colleauges at the gender challenged family workshop and were displayed above the family's 55" plasma TV, until some equally disadvantaged yoofs broke in and stole the lot.

    On the tax issue, my client and indeed generations of his family have never paid any, so it is of no concern to him at all. However, they are concered about the spiralling cost of Lager and fags, so much so that I shall have to apply for a larger grant for them for these essential family requirements.

    As to joining my profession, I fear that my client has expressed far too many a racist,homophobic, and islamaphobic comment in my presence to join the ranks. My suggestion for him to attend diversity training was met with 'Fuck off' which again proves that he did indeed learn some useful English at the Robert Mugabe High School, South Neasden.

  9. Lord of Atlantis1:06 PM

    How times have changed, and not for the better. For when I was at school, if I or any of my fellow-pupils had had the timerity to use that sort of language in a written assignment of any kind, the consequences would have been that we would have received zero marks for the piece of work in question (with or without an exclamation mark). We would also have received an almighty bollocking from our teacher and headmaster, followed by a generous helping of the cane. A letter would also have been sent to our parents informing them of our conduct and the action taken by the school. Our parents, instead of complaining about the teachers or the 'unjust' punishment we had received, would have reinforced the message, expressing their own displeasure too, by adding their own punishment, which would also not have been very pleasant.

  10. Fuck Off!

  11. Tonk.9:38 AM


    Thank you for raising the intellectual tone of the site……How do you think up these witty, clever, insightful replies so quickly?

    There seems to be a large number of people who contribute to blogs that just love to swear and write profanity….Now I wonder if these people are little boys that haven't fully developed their intellects yet or adults that have such a limited vocabulary that, they are unable to express themselves in any other way.

  12. a social worker writes11:06 AM


    I thought for a moment Flip was my client, but the spelling was too good.

  13. A Social Worker:

    Nice one:-))