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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bin Brother - Branch Detectives

Bin Brother - Branch Detectives
Oh dear Nanny really is a confused old witch, on the one hand she keeps pumping up our council taxes (on the pretext of providing us with services) yet on the other she refuses to provide these services if we "infringe" the very smallest of her rules and diktats.

This was the case for Jack Hebblethwaite, 70, from Leeds who recently tried to dispose of a small branch in his garden waste bin (specially designated for the disposal of garden waste).

The council Gestapo ruled that, because it was a staggering 5mm too thick, it was forbidden refuse.

The council then proposed to order a multi-tonne bulk waste carrier to dispose of the 35mm branch.

There's value for money for you!

Local councils really do have our interests at heart, don't they?

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  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    That reminds me what I like about local authorities......NOTHING!!!

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Now, wasn't as if this person hadn't been indoctrinated enough to be able to translate inches into millimetres. This criminal knew full well what he was doing.

    If he hadn't eagerly read the council's latest environmental literature then I'm sorry, but he only has himself to blame.

    Some people might sympathise with him because he's chronologically challenged, but I for one, being an enlightened progressive type, am glad that there's a polar bear cub alive today that would have drowned as a result of global warming if the council hadn't come down on this evil swine like a ton of bricks.

  3. I've stopped being honest with Nanny and now hide my garden waste in among my normal rubbish. I feel faintly ridiculous but not in the least guilty that I'm infringing their petty diktats.

    Perhaps I've become sociopathic.

  4. yes r,

    The latest council's environmental literature comes in many forms....

    Leeds City Council, like to leave Christmas lights burning for nearly six months of the year with messages directly above the heads of the great unwashed. Some are in nice bright 'green' shining lights, with messages such as "Leeds Big on Ecology"

    Now, obviously some of our elders of excellence, (oops I mean criminals) may well be very keen green gardeners, but are unfortunately unfamiliar with modern day metric measurements.

    I do also wonder how many citizens have noticed those nasty (oops I mean lovely) little spychips
    which are now attached to the top of many green and brown bins in the Leeds area?

  5. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Wow etm, and I thought this was about lazy dustmen! I haven't seen any spychips in Evesham...yet. This country should now be called La-La or Topsy-Turvy Land.

  6. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Jay:'Perhaps I've become sociopathic.'

    Yes ... you obviously need 'councilling' :ob

  7. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I am another Leeds Pensioner who has escaped from being arrested. My crime was to put a pair of gardening hedge trimmers into my black wheelie bin. I had no means of being able to take them to the tip. At the time,I really didn't think that I had done anything wrong. Until my neighbour came to tell me that the rear end of the bin waggon had jammed up!

  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I wonder whether a multi-tonne bulk waste carrier would have been ordered if these jobsworths had to pay for it themselves? No way!
    So, the branch was 5mm too thick, so what? If these tossers had an ounce of compassion or common sense, they would have taken this item and that would have been the end of the matter. However, they seem to take a perverse pleasure in persecuting the council tax payers, whom they treat like scum. Whoever refused to take this branch should be sacked on the spot for their disgusting and disgraceful behaviour.