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Friday, August 15, 2008

Length Matters

Length Matters
You know how it is sometimes said that "length doesn't matter"? (Not that I have ever heard that myself you understand).

Whilst that may be true for human relations, that is most certainly not the case when dealing with Nanny's local councils and their binmen.

Gordon Morris, from Southwick Wiltshire, found this out to his cost recently when his binmen refused to walk a staggering 18 inches to collect his green waste.

West Wiltshire District Council have issued an edict that states that wheelie bins must be within one metre of the kerb before they are collected. Mr Morris claims that his wheelie bin would block the pavement if he followed the rule. Therefore he places his bin 18 inches away on his driveway.

Herein lies Mr Morris's mistake, he has assumed that Nanny uses common sense.

She doesn't!

The brain dead people who set these rules do not have any ability to think laterally, "out of the box" or act with any form of imagination. The rules must be followed at all times, no matter what the cost.

You can guarantee that if he blocked the pavement with the bin, the council would then have sued him him.

Mr Morris though is not a man to give up, and had a bust up with his council (who in theory work for the council taxpayers). He has now been given "dispensation" to place the bin with only the wheels on the pavement.

Bin crews now only have to walk an extra nine inches to collect the bin!

The council though are not best pleased with his victory, and have warned (as they are a spiteful bunch of c**ts) that his bin was too heavy. They have ordered him to take some of the leaves and twigs out, because they may fall on operatives as it is being emptied onto the van "which was a health and safety issue".

It's a farking joke isn't it?

How dangerous is a leaf?

Mr Morris pays £1800 a year in council tax to be treated like this by petty minded Hitlers and jobsworths.

It is high time for a serious and nationwide council tax payers' strike, and to kick twats like these out of office asap.

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  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Ha! try getting the now piss weak nervous yes men that this country has become to go on a council tax strike. The sad thing is this country just blindly follows these directives and then moan over a pint at the pub. If the likes of churchill were still alive he would france

  2. No he wouldn't! He'd send the whole lot packing.

    And leaves CAN be lethal. Remember those "leaves on the line" that regularly disrupted the entire railway system?

  3. Tonk.2:59 PM

    Local councils for get that they are there to provide local services....They think they are there to manage local people. It seems to take a certain mentality to work for a local authority. I think Anticant may have something in their post above......I have always said that it is dangerous to give power to people not bright enough to exercise it.....Bin men are a prime example...The power goes to their head.....

    I can't wait to see these local jobsworth running London 2012. In the states, there was much mickey taking about the Atlanta games and how on Earth the local rednecks would run it......Just wait for London....We are likely to see all competitors in bright yellow jackets and other 'Elf'n'Safety gear and of course, civil enforcement officers issuing tickets for littering to marathon runners as they disgard their drink cartons....We will make ourselves look even more stupid abroad than we already do.....Makes one proud to be British doesn't it?

  4. I remember Churchill's "Gestapo" broadcast in the 1945 election, which many said caused him to lose it. His theme was that you cannot have socialism without a degree of petty regulation which, in those days, most people considered intolerable. Maybe he had swallowed a brandy or two too many before making it, but he did have a point.

    What we are getting now is a creeping Stasi-style state where the most harmless activities are criminalised by low-grade busybodies, and people are being encouraged to snoop on their neighbours.

    Not a pretty state of affairs at all!

  5. Lord of Atlantis11:26 PM

    "And leaves CAN be lethal. Remember those "leaves on the line" that regularly disrupted the entire railway system?"

    Ah, yes, but these were probably the wrong kind of leaves, just as we have the wrong kind of people
    'working' in local government.

    1:00 PM

  6. Anonymous12:09 PM

    wheelie bins must be within one metre of the kerb before they are collected.

    Round our way we have no kerbs.

    Thinks maybe they could paint a big yellow line somewhere.

    Spent a lot of time in Canada and always had the Canadians laffing fit to bust about how half an inch of snow causes mayhem in GB.

    Excellent blog, by the by, congrats.

  7. Anonymous1:13 PM

    "wheelie bins must be within one metre of the kerb before they are collected."

    So, in the middle of a parking bay would be OK? Or would that also attract a cash demand or two?

    So far where I live we seem to have avoided the idiocy creeping in elsewhere. However I suspect it may only be a matter of time before we catch up.

    I'm thinking of standing for council elections so I can get the inside story .... nah! It would drive me mad in minutes.



  8. Philippa9:43 AM

    Hmm. Are you sure it's not just a case of lazy binmen?