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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fight Back

Fight Back
Those of you who want to do something useful, and at least gum up the bureaucracy of the state, should pop over to the Forest site and fill in their e response to Nanny's consultation on the future of tobacco control.

You can rest assured that the anti smoking fascists will be doing the same.

The form can be accessed here.

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  1. Sir Henry Morgan12:58 PM

    Off topic, I know, but of interest on here.

    " ... Because of this, Mr Ramsdale and 390 other drivers were let off their fines, *meaning Manchester City Council has lost up to £24,400.* ..."

    Now if this isn't evidence that councils are using the motorist (the bin putter-outer, etc) purely to raise money, then I don't know what is. In addition:

    " ... the lane, which he says is not much more than the length of a bus, is inappropriate because delivery drivers have to cross it to get to a loading bay in Piccadilly.

    He said: "I just think it's a bit of a trap. It is there to make money." "

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Actually, I rather like the smoking ban in restaurants (and I am a cigar smoker of many years) as we live in a country full of inconsiderate arseholes who feel free to light up when they have finised their meal and bugger everyone else eating theirs.

    Had way too many rows with selfish cxxxx puffing smoke over my dinner table to mention so don't miss the stink of stale fags and smoke when I am eating out at all.

    Of course, a sensible ban on smoking when food is being served would not do for nanny so the total ban is over the top. Nanny must control every aspect of our lives at all times.

  3. dixon of dock green3:00 PM

    Whenever this government or its politicised civil service minions talk about consultation beware! It is just code for yet more stealth fascism.

    We are in the middle of a cultural revolution spawned by Chairman Brown and all the other national socialist nutters in his politburo.

    We have to decide now whether we want to live in a neo-fascist nightmare or draw the line against those who want to create a state where "no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal or private".

  4. Sorry, Ken, but I'm an "anti-smoking fascist" not only for health reasons, but because I find it a highly obnoxious habit and won't allow it in my house [although when younger I smoked for 30-odd years, as did my parents and most of our contemporaries before the link between smoking and lung cancer was established].

    As a libertarian, I don't like blanket bans, but applaud the no-smoking rule on trains and in restaurants. Being a good libertarian involves consideration for others, not just selfish self-indulgence regardless of the distress you may be causing.

  5. Anonymous1:24 AM

    I signed up. I'm fed up the the creeping police state you Great Brits are allowing your beautiful country to become.

    I'm a rabid free marketer. If a restaurant or airline want to restrict or not restrict smoking, that should be the choice of that business, not the State.

    The market should decide, not the State.

  6. I personally find the air in public buildings far better since the ban however, although a non smoker, I don’t like the idea of Nanny’s “Ban It” policy.
    I agree with a couple above that, in restaurants, too many people were selfish and allowed their smoke to waft into the faces of those still eating, an observation; it was often women that would light up their cancer stick and hold it as far away from them as possible….This annoyed me.
    I was fairly happy when many eating establishments offered customers a choice between a smoking or non smoking area…..I personally would have preferred a choice between a child/family area or a child/family free area….I would have opted for the latter as I find kids and their chavy parents far more aggravating in restaurants than smokers.
    What Nanny needs to do is to decide whether smoking is legal or not…..If it is legal, then she should treat people like adults and not make them have to buy it under the counter….This will make smoking even more attractive to kids. My fear is that smoking is the first thing Nanny has outlawed and vilified, there are already signs that drinking is next, driving after and then eating what Nanny considers to be too much…If we don’t say enough is enough now, she will believe she can dictate whatever she likes in relation to our habits and lives and interfere even more.
    The pub and catering trades could have been given a more sensible choice regarding smoking…. Namely, smoking and non smoking bars. I see many pubs are closing down due to lack of trade, is this because of the smoking ban? I don’t know.
    One unforeseen consequence of the ban is people having to wade through crowds of trainee cancer patients when entering pubs and bars etc. Many pubs and bars have gone the way of offices with crowds stood outside smoking. Locally they block the pavement and cover that pavement with smoking related litter….I suspect, some of Nanny’s new enforcement officers will, in time, start issuing fines for such behaviour….Kerching!!
    One further observation, Nanny said the ban was done on health grounds, ie that of the workers….Are those bar staff in the Palace of Westminster not also worthy of protection? The ban does not cover that place….Don’t do as we do…Do as we say?
    I suspect that once people are used to the idea of banning smoking on health grounds, then it will be illegal to smoke in your own home if you have kids, after all, Nanny must protect the children….She will enforce this with the help of her new Stasi Snoopers that the home economic teacher turned Home Secretary announced yesterday. It’s a crazy world!!

  7. Anonymous10:59 AM

    However, Anticant, your reasons do not justify the ban being as all-embracing as it is. Why cannot clubs and bars (and indeed restaurants, if they wish) have a smoking room for those who want to indulge? I haven't smoked for more than 20 years, but I still don't see why I should object to other people going off into a room and smoking if they want to. I might even go in there myself if something interesting is going on...

    Still, given that everyone who does smoke is now forced outside in all weathers, they presumably will get healthier with all the exposure and fresh air than us maggots that cower inside out of the rain, so maybe in 25 years time Nanny will ban indoor bars entirely.

  8. anonymous - what do you mean by "something interesting"? Presumably something you have to grope your way towards through the blue haze?.....

  9. Anonymous9:21 PM


    Some years ago working in IT it was almost expected that at least 50% of staff, maybe more, would be inveterate smokers.

    When I somehow gave up , by which time we had to use dedicated smoking areas outside the office block, I found that all the useful information I gathered from the smoking group - who often the ones with the most inside knowledge - became much more difficult to obtain. So I would go and join them even as a newly qualified non-smoker.

    It strikes me that IT standards have slipped considerably since those days despite the improvements in systems and software languages.

    There was something about the way the group interacted that improved and disseminated knowledge and ideas rather well. Now it's all distance meetings and specs to India. And world class cock ups.

    It's a question of gains and losses. The general concept of socialising seems to have gone the same way, probably why so many pubs are closing and city centre bars for the facebook generations are taking over. Many government actions seem to encourage such changes. Divide and conquer?


  10. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Several people commenting on this blog seem to be suffering from the not uncommon notion that bans are bad unless it is something they don't like that is being banned. Many also seem to have swallowed the smoking and health propaganda whole without a single critical thought. People who have never smoked or been exposed to cigarette smoke get sick and die. The "cause" of most chronic disease is age and when someone finds a cure for that I for one will consider suicide. For those of you who need to look a little harder and think a little more when confronted with the "evidence" cause and effect works like this. When X happens Y always happens and Y never happens in the absence of X. Not too difficult is it. Standards of scientific evidence have been eroded by the rush to blame smoking for every disease under the sun, soon something you like will be subjected to the same pageant of half truths and lies. How will you feel when they come into your home and monitor what you feed to your children, how many glasses of wine or beer you drink and what you have in the fridge and freezer. Lets not forget the global catastrophe crowd who will turn down your heating, take away your car keys and confiscate your light bulbs.
    The solution to a situation where you or I do something that someone else does not like or finds offensive is negotiation not legislation.

  11. Anonymous2:10 PM

    is it only the UK that listens and abides by all the new man made rules and laws of what and of what not to do...?

    it appears that France and other European countries are not so politically correct that it actually becomes stupidity.

    i moved away from england 4 years is my home but i feel at the moment i could never live there...because it has become so restricted, verging on unintelligent.i feel anger and sadness when i visit,which is not not often, people look Grey and drained.

  12. Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) causes disease in non-smokers. Workplace bans on smoking are interventions to reduce exposure to ETS to try to prevent harmful health effects. The Irish Government on the 29th March 2004 introduced the first national comprehensive legislation banning smoking in all workplaces including bars and restaurants.