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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Home Orifice - Worse Than Worthless

The Home Orifice - Worse Than Worthless
Those of you who have been worried about what Nanny intends to do with all the data that she is collecting about us, and wants to collect on us, should not worry.

Nanny does not intend to keep it, or indeed use it, she intends to lose it!

Added to the list of shame of incompetent government departments is Nanny's Home Orifice. It has managed to lose a memory stick that contains details of thousands of criminals, informers, police officers etc.

Well done lads!

However, Nanny in the shape of our highly "qualified" (wasn't she a teacher or something?) Home Secretary (Jacqui Smith) has been quick to point out that Nanny didn't lose the data, but PA Consulting (a private firm) lost it.

So that's alright then! not quite Jacqui, as you are the people who hired PA Consulting you are therefore responsible for ensuring that they are up to the job.


Let us be clear, this government is complete shite and could not be trusted to sit the right way on a lavatory let alone handle confidential data.

There is no way we should allow it to collect any more data about us, eg via ID cards, medical records etc etc.

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  1. I would like an explanation as to why a management culsulting company would need the information they lost and what they were actually going to do with it.....I think home economic teachers should stick to teaching home economics...Not pretending to be important....Whatever next? A PE teacher running the treasury?

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    why not, a PE teacher couldnt mess things up anymore.
    Im fact a PE teacher in the cabinate may help GB shed a few unwanted pounds (off his gut, not the economy, he managed that without any help)

  3. GB may have a pendulous stomach, but he hasn't got any guts.

  4. dixon of dock green3:44 PM

    Jacqui "Mediocrity" Smith's teaching credentials should have disqualified her from politics but just imagine the amount of socialist dogma she was able to drive into the impressionable young children in her classes before deciding she needed a much bigger class to boss around.

    I have always felt that teachers, police officers, civil servants, including local government, and BBC employees should be strictly apolitical and if they want to pursue party political activities they should find another profession in which to do it.

    There is something rather sinister about the number of Labour activists, MP's and ministers who come from education, civil service or BBC backgrounds.

  5. Tonk.4:01 PM


    Quote"There is something rather sinister about the number of Labour activists, MP's and ministers who come from education, civil service or BBC backgrounds."

    Common Purpose perhaps?

  6. And once again, data is put in portable form and not encrypted. A basic step that should have been implemented from the beginning, certainly after so many losses.

    And the company involved is one of those working on the forthcoming card. Which can't be faked, anymore than those biometric passports - which were hacked even before hundreds of blank ones were stolen.

    Nor can the company be too severely reprimanded, let be dispensed with - too involved with all sorts of things.

  7. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Oi, stop having a go at teachers, we are not all lentil soaking, Marxist, enviro-nazis.

  8. Ken,

    Apologies for going off topic, but this is something that needs dissemination..

  9. Lord of Atlantis11:06 AM

    And now we here that a laptop containing supposedly confidential information about customer' bank accounts and other details was recently sold on ebay for £35:00.
    We are constantly being warned to shred any documents because of the threat of identity theft, yet government departments and now certain banks seem to be throwing them around like confetti!