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Monday, August 18, 2008

Nanny Bans Balaclava

Nanny Bans Balaclava
Ermmm...has Nanny lost it completely?

Answers on a postcard please to "Nanny has lost it completely..."

I only ask because it seems that Nanny's "war" on terror has taken a bizarre, and almost hysterical new twist. Nanny's chums in Kent police have taken umbrage against a board game called "War On Terror", and have confiscated it.

For why?

It contains a balaclava...and as we all know, balaclavas can be used to hide one's face which in turn means they can be used by criminals and terrorists.

Brilliant logic isn't it?

The board game was confiscated from climate protesters during a series of raids near Kingsnorth power station, in Kent, the other week.

War on Terror involves creating empires that compete and wage war.

Each player starts as an empire with good intentions, and a determination to liberate the world from terrorists and from each other. Then reality kicks in.

The person designated as a member of "the axis of evil" has to wear a balaclava (included in the game) with the word "Evil" stitched on to it.

Kent police said they had confiscated the game because the balaclava "could be used to conceal someone's identity or could be used in the course of a criminal act".

How bizarre!

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  1. dixon of dock green11:02 AM

    Hilarious! Many things can be used to conceal one's identity (false moustaches and fake sun tan spring to mind) or used to commit an offence.

    Easier for Plod to confiscate a balaclava with "Evil" on it than to tackle the gangs of hooded and masked teenagers roaming the worst estates. Still, they don't seem to be embarrassed by this sort of tosh do they? Following the government's "shameless" line nicely.

  2. Actually I still have my old disguise outfit, that I had as a kid.

    Complete with false beard, moustache, false teeth, various actor's make up colours to make me look "swarthy" and some false hair.

    I guess I should hide that, lest the rozzers come a knocking!

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    What a very silly thing to do. Where do plod get recruits these days?

    Um ...

    unless of course the 'protesters' set the whole thing up (they are quite good at working out how to make childish stuff look like they are outsmarting the 'authorities' in their press coverage - and that is the REAL game) to gain column inches.

    Never mind. When the lights go out we won't need balaclavas to hide our identities at night, though they could become a requirement for keeping warm through much of the year. One way to occupy the protesters would be to give them Kent for them to turn into the Wind Garden of England. Anything left could be filled in with Ecotowns.


  4. Tonk.1:52 PM

    I sometimes think I am in a coma and all these things Ken reports are merely dreams as they can't be true surely......What on Earth has happened to Britain?...What has turned a proud free nation into what it is now?

  5. If they are serious about terrorism, they ought to be bothered by all these ladies walking around swathed from head to foot in black blankets, with their eyes peeping out of narrow slits. Some of them are so hefty there's no telling whether they aren't men, or if they are concealing weaponry.

    But I suppose the plods have been ordered to turn a blind eye to them, as to so much else.

  6. Tonk.4:18 PM

    It seems really strange to me that Nanny's little helpers, the Police, can "confiscate" something that is a perfectly legal thing to have and to own.....It rather brings to mind me having my catapault "confiscated" by my form teacher when I was about twelve.....Do the new police powers give them the right to basically do what they want, so long as they shout terrorism as the justification?
    I would say I am still very supportive of our police service, well the ones on the beat anyway, not the politicians in uniform at the top end, however I find my support starting to wane somewhat and that must be bad news for a police service that polices with the consent of the people they serve.

    On the state broadcaster's channel three over the weekend, I saw a couple of episodes of Dixon of Dock Green and was struck by how much times have changed....All we need now are a couple of episodes of Emergency Ward Ten and that should confirm my worst fears of today's Britain and how much it has changed for the worse..

    Is it me, or have Casualty and the Bill become little more than PC political propaganda films on behalf of Nanny?

  7. dixon of dock green8:36 PM

    tonk "a police service that polices with the consent of the people they serve"

    Not any more. The boys in blue are no longer "members of the public in uniform" but a fully-fledged arm of the State. They are by and large no longer in blue either, but more often in para-military black armed to the teeth.

    They have been thoroughly politicised by New Labour and more and more engage in the policing of political issues rather than the mundane ones facing you and I. In the one-party state envisaged by our political masters the police are a vital component of state enforcement and oppression. ACPO have been lapping that up, forgetting the very proud and honourable traditions of the service and the fundamental relationship with the public that brought them into being in the first place.

  8. Rob Farrington3:03 AM

    It'll be the banning of Niqabs and Burkhas next Ken, mark my words.

    Or then again, maybe not.

  9. Rob Farrington3:17 AM

    Sorry anticant, it's late and I didn't scroll through all the comments, first.

    What you said, though. We've already had at least one case here of a terrorist dressing as a muslim female in order to escape capture.

    It was all so predictable - that's exactly what I'd do if I was one of the self-styled 'mujahadeen'. But no - let's make everyone safe by banning balaclavas from being included with games, even though anyone genuinely intent upon hiding their identity could buy one at any market tomorrow.

    Do you think that I could sue the government for them trying to drive me to drink? Alcohol is bad for you, dontcherknow...

  10. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Tonk, you say about BBC making political propaganda, take a look around the BBC website (thankfully i escaped Nanny's clutches and live abroad, so ive not watched the BBC for a number of years) but it seems to me that Nu Labours cronies must be at the helm, bias selective news and articles, as far as the BBC is concerned, global warming is not a debatable subject, Israel is bad, America worse etc etc. Now i have my own views on all subjects they cover but i dont need to be told how to think by the BBC, sadly it appears most folk do. Hell FOX news is less bias

  11. Anon:

    You are right, I believe the BBC is a very bias organisation that is very pro Labour....Then again, during the Dr Kelly affair, they were threatened by the government that, if they did not toe the line their funding would be looked at......What upsets me the most about the BBC is that I have to fund it and have no real choice about funding it.....With any other media company, if I don't like their editorial slant, I just don't watch or fund them, with the BBC, I have no choice; I am required to buy my license or face the wrath of the military wing of the BBC and of course a fine....Kerching!!

    The BBC's charter has safeguards built in to it to ensure impartiality but, they are not impartial at all....I agree about their bias in favour of the new religion of climate change and the way they shout people down that question it, they are the same about issues regarding race and sexuality as well as the EUSSR.
    If I wanted to support the New Labour project I would have joined the party, I feel it is wrong to force me to fund it through their broadcaster.

  12. Big Al11:15 AM

    They ought to confiscate that bag with "SWAG" on it, too - it might encourage people to become thieves, or "persons of a relaxed moral philosophy".

    On the other hand, they'd be pretty easy to spot.

  13. Anonymous1:17 PM

    By the same token, I shall be expecting Kent Police (AKA, Nanny's Puppets) to come and take away my PC.

    It can, after all be used to download things from the Internet that Nanny doesn't like.

    It's perfectly legal to own and possess, but that doesn't seem to bother Nanny.

    Normally, doing such things as taking without the owners concent is called theft, unless the word "terrorism" is bleated like the little sheep they are.

    I'd hope that those that had their belongings confiscated complained about the offending officers. I know that all coppers wil stick together, but it will always be on their record, and may in the future, when perhaps this opressive regime is invaded, by say, Iran in the interests of 'regime change' actually come back to haunt them.