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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, August 04, 2008

A Nation of Suspects

A Nation of Suspects
Nanny's obsession with registering us all on some form of database is not abating.

In her view if she can't do it openly, via her much ridiculed id card scheme, then she will do it by sleight of hand via other more nefarious means. Her solution is elegant and simple.

Prescribed occupations!

These are occupations that, in Nanny's view, will require the volunteer/employee to register on a database for vetting by an Orwellian named "Committee of Public Safety". This committee would have absolute power of veto over anyone attempting to work in the "prescribed occupation".

The government estimate that their plans for this will affect over 11 million people, The Register estimates the figure is over 14 million.

The prescribed occupations cover both formal volunteers (eg anyone working with kids or the vulnerable) and many types employees (eg teachers, school caretakers etc). I would note that the default mechanism (ie mission creep) on many job adverts now is for a CRB check to be performed, therefore the net for prescribed occupations is growing larger.

You have been warned, one way or another Nanny will have her database!

We are all suspects now!

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Mission creep indeed.

    And possibly the CRB checks are rather pointless since a generic check prior to employment appointment is unlikely to be acceptable elsewhere. So it's a waste of money and really should be considered short life. Should it be repeated annually for example? Like an MOT test for a car - the cost is about the same.

    Many Govt. ideas seems to follow this pointless path. HIPS packs for instance.

    One might speculate that it won't be for long.

    With something like 40% of the UK's electricity generation capacity due to be switched off in the next 10 years without any current signs of suitable replacement being considered, any database based control systems are likely to become even poorer than they currently are. Of course that may not matter since a few prolonged outages could crucify the country in a matter of weeks.

    My guess is that all such checks and many H&S constraints will be deemed much less important as we get closer to chasing survival at all costs.

    Whether we could consider such a re-balancing as net positive is unclear to me.


  2. When I first joined the prison service, many years ago, we had to be vetted by the Home Office and sign the official secrets act. When I left the prison service and went into Forensic Psychiatric Nursing, (The Mad and Bad) the Home office again vetted me. I then continued to nurse in a secure forensic enviroment, but at a privately run secure forensic psychiatric hospital. By this time the CRB was a legislative requirement and I was again vetted. In that type of work, I feel it is important to have checks but, it does seem to have got out of hand now.

    Our catholic church has had to appoint a child protection officer who had to attend many courses put on by Nanny, we have had to have those people that look after the children during mass CRB checked, we have had to publish and implement a child protection policy, because of course, according to Nanny, there is a paedophile hiding in every corner.
    During my life time, I have known really nasty people that had no criminal record and nice people that did......I wonder what the unemployment figures would be if all these new non jobs created by Nanny were taken away....The size of the state now suggests the tail is wagging the dog.

    I feel this whole rise in databases is more akin to the Stalinist state's little red book and is more about gaining knowledge about people and keeping an eye on them....It is amazing how willingly people will give Nanny the information she craves if she plays the security card.

    Still I suppose this information has a commercial value as well, so Nanny can sell it and keep her tills ringing....Kerching!!

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Ken said: “The Government estimate that their plans for this will affect over 11 million people”.

    That depends on how many people keep volunteering.

    I remember some time ago responding to a request for volunteers to help teachers in our local schools. I felt a twinge of social duty to put my maths degree to other uses than just making money.

    Despite everyone turning up at the first school meeting full of enthusiasm and rearing to go, one couldn’t help but sense an undercurrent of suspicion along the lines of: ‘why are these males so keen to volunteer to be with children?’.

    That all-pervasive trend (intentional or otherwise) of subtly assuming guilt until proved innocent (targeting the 99.99% in the hope of thwarting the 0.01%) is another highly destructive initiative.

    The reason the law developed the way it did is because innocence is, to all intents and purposes, impossible to prove (even with a CRB stamp of approval embossed on the forehead).

  4. Why does that sound familiar? Oh yes, I remember...

    "Committee of Public Safety (French: Comité de salut public), set up by the National Convention on April 6, 1793, formed the de facto executive government of France during the Reign of Terror (1793-4)"

  5. Lord of Atlantis1:22 PM

    I was just going to make that point myself, Mac the Knife, but you beat me to it. We all know how fair and democratic the French Revolution's Committee of Public Safety was, don't we, boys and girls, by the fact that it's edicts were reinforced by the Reign of Terror?