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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

True Grit - Yorkshire Style

True Grit - Yorkshire StyleMy compliments to the good people of Birks Road in Huddersfield, who showed some true Yorkshire grit and gave the rest of us a lesson in how to make our local councils sit up and take notice.

The residents have been having a spot of bother with their binmen recently (sound familiar?), industrial action had left them without a rubbish collection for a month.

Anyhoo, the dispute was settled and the Kirklees Council lorry finally arrived to take away one month's detritus etc.

Unfortunately there was one small fly in their oinkment, Nanny's binmen would only empty the households' wheelie bins, they would not take any loose bags which had piled up.

There was a stand off for two weeks, and the binmen still refused to take away all of the rubbish.

Householders complained to the Tory run council, it offered to send a "rapid response" vehicle to collect the extra rubbish.

Guess what?

It never arrived!

Could someone please tell me why we pay council tax and why we have local councils, if basic sanitation services such as refuse collection are not provided?

Patience finally snapped, the binmen arrived at 13:30 (they are scheduled to arrive at 7:15) and one man parked his car across the street, preventing the bin lorry from getting out. Other residents formed a human chain around the truck, while a group of children sat in front of it and refused to move.

The people won, and the rubbish was collected.

Community action for the people by the people, against the council!

I love it (it has warmed the cockles of my heart...can I say that?)!

It is time for others to take action against their inefficient, lazy, jobsworth, Nannyish councils.

True Grit!

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  1. dixon of dock green8:02 AM

    I'm surprised the police were not called and all the residents arrested for abducting the bin men and their DNA taken!

  2. Tonk.9:43 AM

    I take my hat off to the good people of Birks Road.......I agree with Dixon, it seems Nanny missed out on a real opportunity to issue a few fines...Kerching.... and to get a few more entries into her DNA database.

    On the lead up to the next local elections, perhaps we need to question the candidates as to whether they accept they work for us or if they see their role as merely managing us.
    I see there was a feature on our local news where it was suggested that a local Hampshire authority was punishing the residents for voting against fortnightly rubbish collections.....The local authority decided to allow the residents to keep their weekly collection but halved the size of the bins....Their logic? By reducing the size of the bin, it would mean people will produce less waste...Ha ha ha...Following that silly logic to its obvious conclusion, if you gave them no bin at all, they would produce no waste at all!!....It seems that when one becomes a council rep or a council employeee, one must have one's brain and commonsense removed.....I wonder sometimes what planet these people live on....Perhaps they all live on the poor man's fantasy island.

  3. Lord of Atlantis10:40 AM

    " dixon of dock green said...
    I'm surprised the police were not called and all the residents arrested for abducting the bin men and their DNA taken!"

    Don't suggest it to them, for goodness sake: that's the kind of 'community policing' they seem to enjoy!
    However, congratulations to these residents: you are a beacon for all of us who have to put up with constant c**p from self-serving, jobsworth councils!

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Some good news in a sea of rubbish.....

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    What chance the residents worked out that having not seem plod in the area for a while there was a good chance there were none to respond?

    I do wonder about naming the controlling political party for local government. Not that I wish to shield the politicos in any way - far from it. However the 'controlling' influences can change faster than policies can be implemented or reversed and contract re-negotiated. And all change costs the tax payer of course.

    What does not change so rapidly is the management pool and its ethos. That bureaucracy is what dictates how things are run - the politicos do little more than scratch the surface of publicity friendly activities.

    Does nay one have any ideas about how to accurately politically label a local authority bureaucracy - other than assuming that they are nearly all, at heart, self interested control seekers? So some form of socialist then ...


  6. NickT2:12 PM

    Congrats to the Birks Road Bunch for showing everyone else what should be done. Kirklees is not far from my old stomping ground. I've since escaped to Texas where, needless to say, trash collection is still operated by private companies who compete for your business.

    It's a pity that the good people of Britain have lost this concept of private trash collection companies and seem to think it can only be a government controlled service.

    Imagine giving a "company" a monopoly on your trash collection and the ability to write laws plus the ability to fine and/or imprison you if you don't follow their rules or pay whatever fees they demand... well that's exactly what you get when you give a government authority control over anything!