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Friday, August 08, 2008

The Dangers of Hills

The Dangers of Hills
Oh dear, poor old Nanny seems to be getting rather confused in her old age. On the one hand she is exhorting us to take more exercise (eg walk upstairs, go for long walks etc), yet on the other she is worried about the risk involved in walking up slopes.

The good citizens of Booze in Yorkshire (yes it really is called Booze!) have for decades had a decent postal service, whereby Postman Pat has driven/walked up the twisting lane to Booze to deliver the mail.

However, under Nanny's regime the Royal Mail has deemed that the road is too dangerous for its vans and that the postman cannot walk the road because he has a bad back!

The residents must now make a 45 minute drive to the sorting office in Richmond to collect their post.

Royal Mail delivery office manager, Colin Appleby, wrote to residents saying:

"The road is extremely narrow, and if you have to reverse down, this is potentially an accident waiting to happen."

Farmer's wife Hazel Harker, whose family has lived in the hamlet since 1945, is unimpressed:

"I know the road's steep and I know it's narrow, but there are lots of little roads like that. You just have to drive carefully. There have been no accidents on that hill."

A spokesman for Royal Mail said:

"A health and safety assessment was undertaken and the report confirmed that access to a number of premises is a risk to our staff and, as a result, deliveries were suspended."

Pass the sick bag someone!

No one has been injured in the last few decades of mail deliveries.

Maybe the name "Booze" has also put Nanny off?

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  1. Booze....Sounds like a great place to retire to.....

    Great to see good old 'Elf'n'Safety being used to justify the decision.
    Another service industry becoming a dis-service industry.

    Sing along now children....

    Postman Prat, Postman Prat
    Postman Prat has gotta bad back.
    Now if you live in Booze,
    your Post you're gonna loose,
    'Elf'n'Safety has now seen to that!!

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    There was that story about the guy on a business trip to New York whose host took him to see a show on Broadway - ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’.

    When he arrived back and handed in the business receipts, questions were asked about what he was doing in Texas when he was supposed to be in New York.

    Maybe something similar happened in the Yorkshire Dales with rumours of postmen going up the hill to booze every day.

  3. archroy1:00 PM

    I was in a pub in Hammersmith the other day, and not surprisingly all the bar staff were talking to each other in Polish. However the phrase "healthandsafety" was clearly distinguishable. The Polish language is presumably lucky enough not to have words for such a concept.

  4. the man from uncle2:09 PM

    When I was a postman, back in the days when we walked about in horrible itchy grey uniforms with hessian sacks full of letters slung on our back - looking like the tail end of a retreating confederate army on a hot day as the old sweat stains built up - the only reason we were not allowed to deliver mail was due to aggressive dogs loose in the front gardens.

    Strangely the only time I did get bit on the arse was (true) by a goose that had got loose from the pen in the semi rural part of my walk that I delivered to.

    Egad sir, what would elf and safety make of that one today! A goose safety assesment officer would have to have been dispatched, probably with a DEFRA death squad in tow in case the beast got loose again.

    Needless to say, all I got was the lads having a good laugh at my expense back in the canteen.

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I love the story about a loose goose. Dangerous things geese. Should come with a health warning.

    Marginally linked here but sort of topical when you get to the last paragraph of the main story.

    "The same committee meeting proposed a law requiring the paper in school books to be lighter to reduce the health risk of heavy schoolbags"

    So this disease is clearly gaining strength as it confirms its position in nations around the world.

    Thanks heavens we are not alone.


  6. the man from uncle3:00 PM


    Glad you liked the goose story. Closest we got to elf and (goose) safety was that should a dog be on the prowl in the front garden we could put 'dog loose' on the letters due to be delivered to that address and bring them back to the office.

    On a return trip to the arse biting goose house the dangerous beast, this time with company, was once again strutting his stuff.

    Got to take their letters back with 'goose on the loose' emblazoned on them. Well, I got a laugh out of it even if the guvnor refused to believe me until he took a trip down to the house to verify the existence of this terrifying beasty.

  7. Getting goosed is usually a pleasanter experience than that!

  8. Lord of Atlantis11:45 AM

    Just typical of the way public 'services' are 'provided' in this country. If the post office is no longer prepared to deliver mail to certain places, is it to much to hope that there will be a reduction in the taxes paid by the residents in these locations?