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Monday, September 07, 2009

Dib Dib Dob Dob

Baden Powell
Oh dear it seems that Nanny has decided to start interfering with boy scouts.

The Scout Association is advising boys and their parents that they should not bring penknives to camp, despite it being legal for anyone to carry a foldable, nonlocking blade in a public place as long as it is shorter than 3ins.

How very silly of Nanny!

What exactly are the scouts meant to whittle with then?

frankly I am surprised, given that there are adults involved, that Nanny still allows scouts to go to camps given her paranoia about child abusing adults.

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  1. Excruciating nonsense from Nanny.

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:33 PM

    What a nation of wimps we are becoming! Only a few years ago, a penknife would have been a requirement when going on camp, although like you, Ken, bearing in mind the current thinking 'that all men are paedaphiles' I do womder just how much longer the tradition of scout camps will be allowed? Sadly, it seems even the Scout Association has fallen victim to the cancer of elf'n'safety. Moreover, in my opinion, it would sadly appear that these days, the leadership of this once great organisation contains men of considerably less calibre than hitherto. Lord Baden-Powell must be spinning in his grave!

  3. Tonk.1:15 PM

    Lord of Atlantis;

    I think few men would look at becoming leaders in scout troops due to the issues hinted at. I suspect, as is the case in my geographical area, most leaders are women. Many boys, due to the absence of fathers, few male teachers and few male youth leaders, have almost nil exposure to adult male role models.

    When I was in the scouts, we all carried sheath knives and would not have dreamed of going to camp without it nor an axe......How times change!!

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Off topic, but Mastercard have been issuing statements recently that have the wrong account number on the paying in slips. This delays the payment going through and gives them the opportunity to then charge late payment fees, and also interest on the following month's bill.

    Check your statements.

  5. microdave2:32 PM

    "Nanny has decided to start interfering with boy scouts."

    An interesting choice of words there, Ken!

  6. Speenzman4:24 PM

    Surely if all male scout leaders are paedophiles as Nanny seems to think she should be encouraging children to carry Swiss army knives for their own proteciton. Then when the kids get into the woods and realise that in the real world not all male scout leaders are pervs they can use their Swiss army knives for opening cans of beans or what-have-you like they're supposed to. Come on Nanny, think of the children first and insist they carry Swiss army knives for their own protection, you know it makes sense.

  7. Speenzman4:29 PM

    Or indeed penknives, must be a slight case of Politicianitis I've got here- speaking about something without having properly digested the original information. Of course one can just substitute 'Penknife' for 'Swiss army knife' in what I wrote and it's still pretty much on the mark, which is more than can be said for the average politician! Now please excuse me whilst I go and put myself into quarantine until this Politicianitis has worn off...

  8. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I happen to be a Scout Leader and have already thought of a number of means around this issue. I don't allow knives to be carried by Scouts that have not been trained and tested in their safe use. After they have demonstrated their competence in the safe use and basic skills they are taught how to use axes and bowsaws and more advanced skills. You cannot teach survival or backwoods skills without using a knife and thus I cannot support or accept a complete ban, yet this is apparently an attempt to kowtow to the "bansturbation" of knives. It reflects the "something must be done, this is something, therefore the matter has been dealt with" attitude that is becoming far too common. I carry a Swiss Army knife on my belt everywhere and believe that being taught how to use these tools (for that is all they are) is the way forward. Carrying a knife on camp is a responsibility that is earned and Scouts can lose a lot of "face" if they lose the ability to carry a knife. In 25 years, I can only recall one occasion where that was necessary. (I regret that for several reasons I must remain anonymous.)

  9. Lord of Atlantis2:50 PM

    Tonk. said... 'When I was in the scouts, we all carried sheath knives and would not have dreamed of going to camp without it nor an axe......How times change!!'

    Yes, I remember this, too, and well remember, although it is over 40 years ago, having the sheaf of my knife stamped with the insignia of a wolf head at Yulebury Scout Camp, near Oxford. And nobody got stabbed or hacked to death, either accidentally or deliberately!

    Times have indeed changed....and NOT for the better!

  10. Tonk.5:34 PM

    Lord of Atlantis;

    Posted by Anon;
    " I don't allow knives to be carried by Scouts that have not been trained and tested in their safe use."

    This to a certain degree sums it all up, the older boys, patrol leaders and APLs, showed the younger lads what to do etc......I have a picture in my mind now of a uniformed scout leader, complete with eye protection, toe tectors, hi viz vest in a roped off, "danger no entry knife training in progress" clearly defined area with first aid kit and defribulator, teaching some poor young lad of eleven, about the dangers of a three inch pen knife.
    I used to carry my penknife to school with me all the time, masters would often ask if one of the boys had a knife so he could sharpen a pencil.....If we take all responsibility away from kids and treat them like idiots, we will continue to get what we are getting now!!!!

    My heart bleeds for today's generation but, it bleeds more for this generation's children because they will grow up thinking this type of thing to be normal commonsense......The UK is finished RIP my England!!

  11. this is stupid. wait until one of them is trapped and need to cut a rope or something and can't......

    Scouts are supposed to be prepared... not wrapped in cotton wool.

  12. Excruciating nonsense indeed - the story, that is.