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Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Question For Harperson

You categorise lap dancing clubs as being immoral.

Aside from your incorrect assertion, given undue and unopposed publicity by a lazy media, about the costs of corporate entertainment in lap dancing clubs being tax deductible (it is not) you have failed to mention that the profits of the clubs and the income earned by the girls/men working in these clubs are taxed.

In other words, Nanny takes a nice little cut from the earnings of these "immoral" establishments and the girls that work in them that you claim are "exploited".

This tax revenue goes towards paying your salary and expenses; ie you are living, in part, off "immoral" (as per your definition) earnings.

Will you be foregoing that part of your earnings that is funded by these "immoral" activities?

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  1. microdave12:43 PM

    A first class hypocrite, just like "Lady" Scotland falling foul of one of her own laws....

    The really immoral thing is the staggering waste of OUR money they have been responsible for. Far more obscene than some dancers prancing around wearing very little, (and earning good money for it).

  2. Old Greeny4:47 PM

    I find it amusing that it's always the ugly "wimmin" who moan about these things. Think they're jealous that no self-repecting bloke would pay money to watch THEM get their kit off? And also, no-one forces the lap-dancers to be lap-dancers, do they?

  3. Lord of Atlantis1:27 PM

    I have to say, I do NOT personally approve of lap dancing clubs, so on this occasion, for once I do have some sympathy with Harriet Harperson. However, I am broadly in agreement with most of the points mentioned by you, Ken: indeed, the hypocrisy of our politicians on this matter is breathtaking!