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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, September 04, 2009

The Dangers of Roughage


How amusing to read that yet another of Nanny's dogmas, about what constitutes a healthy diet, is now being questioned.

It would appear that her long running, hectoring, lecturing about the necessity to eat lots of fibre turns out to be bollocks.

A team of researchers from the Netherlands, led by Rene Bijkerk of the University Medical Centre, claim that wheat bran and other fibrous foods that do not dissolve easily in water not only fail to soothe irritable bowels, but may actually make things worse.

Nanny, aided and abetted by the manufactures of breakfast crap, has been recommending daily doses of fibre in the form of insoluble bran for yonks.

However, and this is kind of key to the notion of recommending something without testing the theory first, there have been very few rigorous studies to see whether boosting intake of this type of fibre actually works.

Quel surprise!

Nanny spouting BS again without checking her facts first!

Blinky, blonkey, blimey, along comes a piece of research that disproves Nanny's old wives' tales.


"Bran showed no clinically relevant benefits, and many patients seemed not to tolerate bran.

Indeed, bran may worsen symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and should be advised only with caution

Wrt to breakfast crap purveyed by certain large manufacturing concerns, given the high sugar/salt content and almost zero nutritional value, I recommend that people eat the cereal box instead.

I guarantee that the box contains more nutrients and has a higher fibre content (if that's your particular "bag").

Alternatively, if you are constipated, I recommend a sherry (British of course) enema instead!

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  1. Funny that you should bring this up. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned that he'd started having chronic stomach problems, the source of which which his doctors couldn't identify. He ran this problem by his father (a retired MD) who asked about his eating habits, and recommended immediate cessation of the bran cereal he'd been eating. According to his father, that stuff just irritates the GI tract. The problems immediately went away.

    On an unrelated note, I saw a few days ago an article about one of Nanny's paramedics who refused to enter a pub and assist a patient due to the supposed 'hostile atmosphere' inside the establishment. Those at the pub said they saw no evidence of her being menaced, and of course the patient ultimately died (heart attack) while awaiting medical attention.

    This would seem to me to merit a Presitgious Prat of the Century Award, or perhaps a criminal inquiry. People who are afraid to do their jobs should resign.

  2. Speenzman12:18 PM

    Well here's a surprise, eating too much of bran is bad for you. Yes it is. Eating too much fat is bad for you, eating too much of carbohydrates is bad for you. Eating too much LETTUCE is bad for you, in fact eating TOO MUCH of anything is bad for you. Now eating a variety of different things in moderation...

  3. Tonk.2:42 PM

    Quel suprise indeed....Lol

    What really does make me laugh when I'm in our local supermarket, is the size of the breakfast cereal aisle....There are thousands of the things, many aimed at the over induldged kiddy market. The only other aisle that has grown so large is the cleaning product aisle, there are thousands of those products too.

    Anyway, I can confirm I shall not be eating cardboard nor the contents of the bottom of the local chicken house floor cleverly marketed as a swiss style breakfast product, oh no, I shall be having two fresh kippers purchased from my local market this morning, ohhh I can't wait;-)

  4. Old Greeny4:29 PM

    Fancy that!! Nanny talking bollocks...again? Surely not? Nanny knows best, doesn't she? Nah...this MUST be a mistake!! Please tell me Nanny hasn't made a mistake!! Otherwise I won't enjoy smoking, drinking and eating lard any more...

  5. bran and wheat cause bloating when being digested. For irritable or inflamatory bowel suffers they actually suggest rice or oat based products since they are easier to break down.

    A dietician will advise you about this should you ever be referred to one.... the problem is getting to that stage with the doctors/specialists.

  6. hahaha it's not only bran or fibre or whatever. I tried one of those 'healthy bacteria' drinks once, Actimel or Flora Active or both, and god, did I get bad IBS or what. Feckin crap!!

  7. Anonymous11:10 PM

    As any nutritionist will tell you (or at least the one I'm married to will), what Nanny says, and what the Meejah says are always at least 5 to 10 years out of date.

    I reckon we've got a couple more years until they finally "discover" that cholesterol has a purpose and actually protects against heart disease.

    Ignore anything that you read in the papers. The secret of good health for most people is:

    Don't eat anything that your grandmother wouldn't recognise as food. Eat a good mix of different kinds of foods. Avoid stress. Get some exercise.

    That's about it really.

    Unfortunately that doesn't sell products, medicines, self-help books, magazines, government policies...

  8. Thanks anon. One of my doctors (the one I don't like) tells me I should take statins. I don't go often mind you, but my chol was 5.8. I took some statins a few years back, proper ones, no side effects. I tried the new generic ones, simstatin? which they now pescribe because they are cheaper. Took them for a month. Bloated, cramps and generally felt depressed. Feckem is what I said. Poor off animal fat, (I already have a balanced diet, inc red wine), and get regular walks.