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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Joy of High Heels

I see that the dinosaurs of the TUC, who are convening in Liverpool this week, are once again proving their "relevance" for the 21st century.

Amidst the most serious recession that we have had in generations, facing cuts in public expenditure, facing a pensions crisis in the private sector and an ending to the public sector defined benefit pension schemes what do the "brothers" and "sisters" of the TUC talk about?

High heels!

The TUC have deemed that high heels in the work place are dangerous (and they don't mean on the factory floor, but in the office), and have called for employers to carry out risk assessments on women wearing high heels at work.

Aren't men allowed to wear them too?

The "brothers" and "sisters" have demanded that women wear "sensible" shoes to work.

Errmm...surely women are able to decide for themselves what they will wear to normal office jobs (within the confines of good taste and decency etc)?

The motion received overwhelming support.

Doubtless world leaders will stop what they are doing, trying to salvage the global economy, and rush to carry out the TUC's bidding!

This nonsense reminds me of a tale that my late father (a captain in the Merchant Navy) told me about his "amusing" interactions with British dockers in the 50's/60's.

Dockyard practices were rigidly applied, and were based on agreements between the powerful dockers' unions and management of the docks. Should you wish to unload your cargo on a Saturday the rules were particularly inflexible.

Primarily the dockers were only on duty for 3 hours on Saturday, for which they naturally received double time. Time and motion studies had concluded that it took 30 minutes for the average docker to walk to the ship, and a further 30 minutes to walk back. This of course counted as part of the working day, and so only 2 hours were left for the docker to actually "work".

Time and motion had also dictated that it took 45 minutes to open the cargo holds, and another 45 minutes to close them. This left some 30 minutes in which the cargo could be unloaded.

However, no doubt exhausted by the gruelling schedule, our hardworking dockers needed a break. Therefore two tea breaks, of 15 minutes each, were built into the day. The result, dockers were paid double time not to come to work (after all, what was the point of coming into work to open and close a cargo hold?).

My father tweaked their noses by ensuring that the holds of his ship were opened whilst still at sea, thus the dockers had to come into work to unload the cargo.

Irate docker - "You can't do that mister!"

My father - "I'm the captain, this is my ship; I will do as I please when it is at sea!"

Needless to say working practices like that ensured the destruction of the once thriving dockyards in the UK (something that Hitler had failed to achieve), as container ships moved to unload their cargoes on mainland Europe.

Clearly the TUC is still staffed by the same type of bone headed, obstinate mules that once ruled to docks.

Fortunately no one listens to the TUC anymore!

PS substitute "TUC" for "FCC" to fully enjoy the song.

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:09 AM

    Ken said
    "Needless to say working practices like that ensured the destruction of the once thriving dockyards in the UK (something that Hitler had failed to achieve), as container ships moved to unload their cargoes on mainland Europe."

    To be fair Ken, Liverpool does have a very busy container port at Seaforth.

    Meanwhile although I've taken little notice of the brothers' proceedings they don't seem very happy with ZaNuLabour so it's not all bad news.

  2. microdave11:54 AM

    And if the TUC don't get you, the HSE will:

  3. Tonk.1:14 PM

    I suspect the TUC want people to wear those nice uniforms that used to be seen in most communist countries.

    I also see that the clowns at the conference voted to do a partial ban on goods from parts of Israel....Funny how socialists always support "good terrorists" isn't it?

  4. Lord of Atlantis2:46 PM

    If I were female, I would never wear high heels, as I personally consider them to be dangerous, bad for one's feet, and probably very uncomfortable to boot (no pun intended). BUT,that is my personal opinion, and, unless one is referring to very dangerous occupations, where there is a risk of heavy objects landing on one's toes, for example, the choice should always be left to the individual concerned, not the TUC nor any government, council, or 'elf'n'safety jobsworth.

  5. Karl Markstein3:47 PM

    Ah, the unions and the Labour party what untold joys that have spread throughout the land. The sooner we see the back of both of them, the better.

    How nice of the cretins to support those fluffy lovely respecters of wimmin and gay rights, Hamas (who in case the brothers and sisters don't know)run every aspect of Palestine and keep their own people in the shit to further their own agenda and as recruiting ground for more terrorists.

  6. I know I may be called sexist, bah, so what. Look at all the ridiculous laws made in the last decade. Laws which attack pleasure, freedom of choice. Laws which attack enjoyment of life. In every case, whichever body has lobbied for the change, A WOMAN is behind it. Same goes for this high heel thing, I guarantee that there is at least one woman somewhere who started it all.

  7. How sad that the TUC have sunk to this. From 19th century support of penniless workers to dictating what fashion women/etc.s should wear to work.

  8. Anonymous1:54 AM

    They should start a databank of women's legs - if you have normal legs you have nothing to fear.

  9. Hmm.

    One might argue that wearing high heels means that the person's feet and toes do not stick out as far as they would in flat shoes and therefore are less 'at risk' from dropped heavy items or being crushed by the feet of others. A H&S benefit!

  10. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I've just heard a caller to 'Any Answers' point out that the issue has arisen out of employers' demand that female employees wear high heels, to the detriment of their comfort and health.

    I'm afraid that the bruvvers are being unjustly lampooned.