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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Bin Tax - Ker-Farking-Ching!

The Bin Tax
Full marks to Nanny's chums in Leicester council who have come up with a "novel" and "amusing" method for screwing their hapless council taxpayers out of even more of their hard earned money.

The council are enforcing a wheelie bin tax which fines people whenever they break the council's rules wrt wheelie bins, eg putting the bin out on the wrong day or leaving out "too much" rubbish.

Families now face fines of £100 per adult resident.

Yes, you did read that correctly, the council will base the size of the fine on the number of adults residing at the address.

Rather amusing isn't it?

Wasn't Labour the party that so vehemently opposed the "poll tax", yet now they are levying taxes on a per head basis?

Zoe Kozlik, a student, and her three housemates had to pay £110 each to Leicester council for leaving the bin out after the decreed time.

Leicester city council said wheelie bins were blocking streets and encouraging arsonists.

Errmmm...but surely it is the local councils who have imposed the use of wheelie bins isn't it, despite protests at the time from residents who used to use ordinary bins?

The fundamental problem with the current fining system (aside from the very obvious issues) is that the authority that stands as judge, jury and executioner wrt imposing the fine also benefits from the revenue of the fine.

Thus strongly incentivising the authority (ie council) to issue even more fines.

This system, as it currently stands, is inequitable; it breaks the fundamental tenet's of a "just" and workable fine based system and indeed a "just" and workable taxation system.

It will result in a very ugly backlash against local authorities and the state. Peasants revolted a few hundred years ago over similar abuses of power.


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  1. Well, 2 things connected with rubbish.. Here in the fragrant Borough of Guildford we've had a letter from the Council detailing the new rubbish collection scheme, and and assurance that they will specifically not be providing monitoring chips in our new bins. Secondly, did I hear on the Beeb this morning that nanny wants to introduce individually coded waste sacks to households "to aid in better recycling"?

  2. "It will result in a very ugly backlash against local authorities and the state. Peasants revolted a few hundred years ago over similar abuses of power."

    The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned!!

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    As per CoYC instructions I leave my bin at the edge of my property (on my property - not on the pavement or road) before 7:30am on collection day. The dustbin men/waste resource managers (or whatever nanny wants to call them this week) are, according to the same instructions, supposed to return the bin to where they found it - do they? Do they fark. They seem to take some sort of pleasure in leaving the bins scattered along the street - sometimes over 100yards away. Despite numerous complaints to CoYC over the years nothing has changed so I play Naany at her own game. I have left my wheelie bin plain - unlike most around here it's not adorned with any identifier such as a house number. If, when I return home on the evening of collection day, there is no bin immediatley in front of my property I report my bin as stolen and the next morning one of nanny's minions delivers a new one.

  4. This is a civil penalty, imposed under "council rules". It is totally unlawful and, as such, no more than an invoice from a normal company.

    Simply send back all the paperwork and explain that you do not accept the offer of contract. Their only remedy if you do that is to take out a county court summons where they will have to prove their loss in order to obtain the money claimed.

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:00 PM

    What's the betting that these jobsworths will only persecute decent families in this manner? I mean, can you see them demanding money from a tattoed skinhead with a pitbull terrier or a rottweiller called Satan or Killer?
    And why is it, if I drop a piece of litter, I am (quite rightly) likely to get a hefty fine for doing so, yet when our binmen rubbish, as frequently happens whilst they are emptying the bins, they do so with impunity?

  6. Ermmm . . privatization might be a thought.

    I'm just back from a visit with my parents in the States. A private company takes care of their household refuse. No arbitrary and confiscatory penalities for leaving your bin across some imaginary line, or for leaving your bin too full, or for having an apple core among your refuse, or whatever. No sorting of trash into various recycling containers, unless that's what you wish to do, in which case, your recyclables will be effectively hauled away. And best of all, no wheely bins. Yes, the garbage men (or whatever they're called) come right up your driveway, empty your trash cans into their trucks, and leave the trash cans at side of your house, just where you want them. If, like my aged parents, you don't generate a lot of refuse, you pay for once-a-week pickup. If you have a large family, you can pay extra for twice-a-week-pickup.

    Funny how the private sector seems able to make this work.

  7. Im from the US, Black Sea, and it's been that way for years. The city picks up my trash and I have no trouble with them, but if I chose, I could have a private company deal with my trash. If councils had competition,they would no way try to get away with this crap.

  8. Grant1:28 AM

    Leicester eh?

    One of the interesting things about Leicester used to be, and probably still is, that some parts of it have quite large headcount households in quite small properties.

    Now it is possible that these communities have grown prosperous and moved on thus lessening the headcount and crowding but I feel confident that those that have moved on will have been replaced by new arrivals.

    Thus the scheme offers an opportunity to rake in quite large sums from compact areas.

    In additions there is likely to be a growing student population, as in the case reported, offering a similar opportunity for high returns.

    I think the council must be taking lessons from the Banks.

  9. Patricia, does the same apply to parking fines?

  10. Little Black Sambo said...

    Patricia, does the same apply to parking fines?

    Google John Harris - its an illusion. You can find him on the british constitution party website

    if links allowed

    scroll to the second video and you decide!

    btw..i think mr gerrish in the first video has some very interesting thoughts about why britain isnt great anymore.


  11. how about they spend time actually sorting out ensuring our bins and rubbish are actually collected than being interfering nosy idiots?

    If they were really worried about it they would get home owners to leave the bins on their property, not the pavement, and the bin men actually collect them and put them back rather than leaving them in the middle of the road???

    Sorry.... did I just use common sense? sorry... I didn't pass the council employee intellegence test - I have an IQ of more than 10.